This weekend the Bay clan traveled up to Sacramento to cheer on my mom in her first 5k.  Her goal for her 50th birthday was to run the Davis Oktobrewfest 5k – no stopping and no walking.

Along with that first, this trip also marked the first time I’d ever set foot in the state’s capitol.  We were lucky to stay at the beautiful home of Lianne and Brian, who live in a leafy green neighborhood not far from downtown.

On Saturday, with the race later in the evening, we found ourselves with some spare hours to visit the capitol building.

capitol fun

First, we wandered the grounds, bumping into a tea party rally.  Truth be told, the rally was less a rally, than what looked to be a field trip for the residents of shady oaks retirement village.  I’m assuming the “Occupy Sacramento/Wall Street” rally in downtown had distracted many of the more virile politically minded citizens.

Once inside the capitol building, we took a moment to admire the display cases of California’s 58 counties. The rest of the  interior included an impressive statue of Spanish Queen Isabella considering Columbus’ request, as well as several rooms restored to their former early 1900’s appearance.  A special exhibit celebrated the centennial of women’s suffrage in California.  In 1911, California became the sixth state to give women the vote, although it would take almost a decade before every woman in the United States would celebrate the passage of the 19th amendment.  Back to more important matters…

We rolled up to Davis in the late afternoon to join friends Nicole, Jen and their adorable daughter Sophie.  First, Sophie and Jen ran first in the kids root beer run, which was far too cute for words.  Then, we readied for the adult race.  As it was a fun run, the field of participants was very diverse young, old, fit and well…working on it.  With the Oktoberfest theme, many of the runners donned lederhosen and modified dirndls.  My mom opted for some springy beer mug headgear complete with the emblazoned number 50.

warming up/watching the intense people warm up

The course featured a few hills, and a nice jaunt through a Davis neighborhood.  My mom kept a remarkably consistent pace, and never once faltered.  In fact, as we saw the finish line, she turned to me and suggested a sprint finish! Flabbergasted, I agreed, we sprinted, grabbed our medals (beer openers) and met up with Dad and Kylie (too lazy to run with us hehe) who had already procured frosty brews for us.

The Best Part

I had such a great time running with my mom, and being a part of this big accomplishment.  I’m hoping I’ll be around for my mom’s next race, and perhaps we can convince some other family members to join in…or maybe not 🙂



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