Days Go By

Some beautifully gray days have come to Southern California.  It’s the kind of weather that stretches out the days.  Morning turns to evening so imperceptibly, I give up on productivity and opt for a warm beverage.

But, here’s some of the stuff that’s stuck out in these gray days.

I joined some friends for quality time at Leo Carrillo State Park.  While the others camped for a couple of nights, I only joined them for Saturday.


The campground was awash in young scouting groups.  The food was tasty, Koa was cute and the ladderball was competitive.


We created a new version of the infamous puddin’ cake with the magical addition of: Nutella.  I mean, c’mon Nutella, you’re the best.  Add some bananas and extra drizzles of chocolate, and you’re really in business.

Fancy Puddin' Cake

Speaking of sweet things, Halloween is round the corner bringing back memories of epic  costumes (matador, gondolier, Jane Goodall) and of course the candy.  After trick-or-treating, my sisters and I adhered to the dump-and-barter philosophy.  No immediate gorging, but the slow negotiation of 3 tootsie rolls for one peanut butter cup.  This usually involved pointed observations regarding which houses were worth visiting, and the dentist’s house we would hope to avoid in the future.  Honestly, a toothbrush?  After redistributing our hauls, I always attempted to savor and stretch my reserves until Christmas.

With all that in mind, this article made me chuckle. What your halloween candy says about you

Ok last thing about candy… Normally, the mere mention of making candy gives me a panic attack.  Thermometers? Tempering? Blech.  However, Jess’s sister found a recipe for homemade butterfingers using nothing but candy corn, peanut butter and chocolate.  Easy and delish. You should try it.


Monday night was enjoyable not only for MNF, but because I got to hang out with a couple of stressed out nursing students who had the chance to blow off some steam.  Well, one of them blew off more steam than the other…

Nursing Students...

Coming off of a test and midterm evaluations, they really deserved some time to relax.  It was a good time playing long island iced tea fueled jeopardy, and discussing the merits of Don Henley and the Eagles.

Dramatic Flourish

3 thoughts on “Days Go By

  1. I’m assuming that the inherent merits and stunning quality of ALL things Eagles and Henley were
    unanimously approved and lauded. If not……..dissenters be damned – they are sadly lacking in
    taste and unworthy of my time

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