Welcome Back

This weekend we welcomed our good friend Amanda back to her adoptive home of California.  She’s ditching the 40°F weather in Connecticut for ten short days.  While the trip consists of mostly business and adult-y stuff, she’ll still have the opportunity to catch up and hang out with the rest of us.

Catching a bit of sunshine, we strolled over to old towne Camarillo’s farmers’ market.

Camarillo Farmers' Market

I contend that few things can perk me up quicker than a walk around a farmers’ market what with the free samples, fruits, veggies, baked goods, and odd crafts.

explaining the virtues of the black & white cookie

Saturday evening we had planned on an evening at the always delicious Gyu Kaku.  Their happy hour is not to be missed.  Failing to plan ahead, we picked our jaws up off the floor and dried our tears after the hostess announced we’d have a 2-hour wait ahead of us.

A quick yelp search later, we had our Plan B: Buenos Aires Grill in Woodland Hills.

The group at Buenos Aires

Armed with a pitcher of sangria and several chimichurri coated rolls, we had the difficult chore of choosing our meal.  Seriously, when you are famished and staring down a list of grilled meats each more succulent than the last… snappy clear-minded decision are not happening.  Ty and Amanda settled on an awesome looking Parilla complete with steak, lamb and other delectables.

juicy meats

The rest of us shared lobster ravioli, half a roast chicken and a massive 33 oz. steak with an accompanying sauce which I could have drunk all on its own.   If you are in the area I highly recommend this restaurant.  Of course, it wasn’t just the awesome food, but the excellent company that made it a lovely evening.

33oz. steak paired with peppercorn and red wine demi glaze...drool

Today, it’s pouring rain.  Jess and I are loving it, though I’m sure Amanda would prefer more temperate weather.  At any rate, it’s the sort of climate that practically begs for meals of roasted pumpkin soup and mac’n’cheese.

Of course, the weather and the excellent meals are all just prep for Thanksgiving and the official opening of the holiday season later this week.

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