Woohoo the Holiday Season is Here!

The Bays kicked off the season on Wednesday with our traditional day-before-Thanksgiving Chili party.  Normally, we watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but this year the number of friends, family and good conversations precluded any movie watching.

In the Kitchen Prepping for Chili Fest

Pat and Casey flew in from Lubbock, Texas.  Pat is in his second year of law school, and studies like a madman, but….he’s still the same ol’ Patrick.


Thursday: Turkey Day.  Thanksgiving is a sham of a holiday historically speaking (don’t worry, I won’t get on any soap boxes here), however its sentiment deserves celebration.  Even if it’s forced, acknowledging and appreciating what you have and who you have in your life is a good thing.  These exercises in gratitude are easy to dismiss, but if you set aside your cynicism for a moment you can’t help but feel moved and well…thankful.


Thanksgiving has never been a big production in the Bay family.  A major soccer tournament fell on that weekend, so after dinner the family rolled down to San Diego for a few days of futbol NOT football.  Additionally, my sister Casey has been an outspoken opponent of the food involved in the holiday.  Don’t get her started on stuffing and mashed potatoes…

She’s not alone, check out Jason Good’s take on the food.

Nevertheless, this year with good attitudes we pulled together our best feast yet.  Delicious all around.  Patrick even got my mom, hater of all things casserole, to make green bean casserole- a first for our family.

Ready to Feast

Of course, no holiday is complete without a sibling photo.  Traditionally, these photos were taken for the Christmas card.  They involved lots of cursing, moaning, groaning and gnashing of teeth.  Lots of, “Oh my gosh can you smile normally?” and “I am not posing like that”.  And if the Christmas spirit hasn’t been extinguished after simply taking the photos, it’s sure to disappear when the selection process occurs.  Do you know how difficult it is to find one photo in which all three people look good?  Combine that with the insecurities, and critical eyes of three girls, and you can imagine that process. Christmas freakin’ Cheer.

This mom knows what I’m taking about.  She describes the experience of the family holiday shoot with young children…

This year, the pressure was off on the Christmas card, so we just took a few photos for the heck of it.



Unfortunately, I did not have the luxury of slipping into tryptophan induced relaxation on after the meal.  Instead, I drove back up to Thousand Oaks to work from midnight until 8am on Black Friday.  Yep, thanks to American consumerism and greed, Christmas shopping hysteria now begins at midnight.

Many big stores like Wal Mart and Best Buy offer Doorbuster deals and incredible sales on big screen TV’s and the like.  In that case, I sort of understand the people camped out ready to shop in the middle of the night.  However, in the mall, most of the retailers are offering ‘Ok’ Sales.  you know, 40 % off here or there.  Nothing to drag you from your cozy bed at 3:30 am, at least in my estimation.  This was the scene at the mall, a few stores away from my own place of work.

Come. On. People.  I’m sure many of you have now heard the reports of pepper spraying, fights, shootings and robberies that occurred.  In case you haven’t, you can check out this article entitled “Violence mars Black Friday”.  Classy.

As for me, my shift sped by quickly through the wee hours of the night.   Nobody was excessively rude, or violent in my store.  I was amazed at the number of teenagers out and about.  It seems to me that Black Friday at the mall is simply becoming the “cool” thing to do.  Escape your family gathering, and hang out with your friends at the mall…nice.  The other thing that amazed me was this sort of interaction:

  3:30 AM in the Store

Me: Hi, can I help you find anything? Do you have any questions about the deals going on right now?

Customer: In a brusque tone and zero eye contact I’m just browsing.

They answer me as if it’s 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon, and I’m a pushy salesperson.  Excuse Me?  You are in the store at 3:30 am and simply browsing?  What has happened to your priorities in life?   Why do you hate sleep and happiness?

Anyways, it was a pretty funny experience, but now I’m looking forward to full reveling in the Christmas season.    Jess and I kicked it off last night with Winter Dream Lattes and Elf.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. You captured it all – the impatience, the bitching, the rude and selfish behavior that just screams
    “Merry Christmas!” Pictures from the weekend are priceless – “If you kids don’t smile and show me
    your warmth I will kill you all like the dogs you are!” Perfect.

  2. oh, and my favorite-
    “Stop pretending you like cranberry sauce. It tastes like a Sour Patch Kid before they found out how to make them good.”

  3. I cannot lie, I thoroughly enjoyed the food this year [sans taters and stuffing, of course] !
    we also enjoyed a mid-morning Elf viewing and coffee sesh. Lastly, I’m attempting to make you a fuzzy scarf….it’s looking narfy so far. 🙂

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