Getting Festive

It’s December 1st.  Holy Cow.  If not for calendars, Southern Californians wouldn’t know it was December what with the irritating 80°F days, and some very aggressive Santa Ana winds.

However, the holiday season comes and goes far too quickly to delay in the fun of decorations and carols. Charlotte came over and helped us get rid of some pumpkins leftover from Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Jess and Matt strung fairy lights all around the apartment.

helping/being destructive

* You may notice the photo quality in this post is very poor.  These were all taken on an iphone, so…get over it

There are other little touches around the apartment like mini Christmas trees, cinnamon and spice scented pine cones, and this adorable pillow c/o Heather.


We ventured out to Staples Center for some ice hockey, and I loved how festive all of LA Live looked complete with twinkling lights, Christmas tree and ice skating rink.

JD, Jess and Case

If I may stray on a tangent for just a moment…

As nice as this entertainment hub is, I’m still not convinced it’s that Downtown L.A. is the best place to build a massive NFL stadium- sorry Farmers Field.  If we dismiss the obvious transportation issues (Traffic and Metro oh dear), that idea still leaves us Angelenos with no place to properly tailgate.  Do we really need to give all the other cities more ammunition to criticize lame LA sports fans?  What’s a football experience without tailgating?  I SO prefer the proposal for Los Angeles Football Stadium at Grand Crossing, but I have a feeling that the power of AEG will win out.  If you care, you can check out Farmers Field and Grand Crossing and decide for yourself.


I was soooo excited for some LA Kings ice hockey action.  I never watch hockey at home.  But once I attended my first game, and saw it all live I LOVED it.  Why is the live version so exponentially  better?  The way that the players move and control the puck on the ice is so beautiful.  You can really appreciate their vision, creativity and athleticism.

You’re watching all of this beauty, and then all of a sudden tensions run high, someone gets smashed into a wall, a fight breaks out, fists are flying and primal instinct reigns if only for a moment.  I just get wrapped up in it all.

So Excited

Those guys are serious badasses.   Not only are they in incredible shape, but they are tough as nails.  There’s none of this pansy belly-aching over a sprained ankle that you see in so many other sports.  These guys just get patched up, sewn up, taped up and get back out there.

We watched the Kings take on the Sharks, and although it was low scoring, it was fun to come home on a 2-0 victory.


Now, I want to discuss something that may offend.   I apologize, I’m just observing…

Staples center hosts the Lakers, Clippers, Sparks and Kings.  Having been to a few Clippers games there, I remember a DJ spinning hip hop and rap records to pump up the crowd.  I’m going to guess that much the same occurs at Lakers and Sparks games.  Switch to ice hockey and…well the organist actually played Coldplay.  COLDPLAY.  Throughout the night we heard Led Zeppelin, U2, ACDC and Aerosmith.  Could they have chosen more “white” music?  I have no problem with hearing either Snoop Dogg or Zeppelin at a sporting event, I just think it’s fun to notice the different musical choices.

I’m not saying that black, Latino, Middle Eastern and Asian people don’t like hockey, but the whole experienced felt very much like it belonged on Stuff White People Like.

Back to Holiday-type schtuff…

Okay, so this is the first season I’ve ever watched the Sing Off, and I have to say that I really liked it.   I feel like this vocal competition really showcases some incredible talent and innovation.  These a capella groups must not only create interesting and beautiful arrangements, but must execute them perfectly.  The season is over (yay Pentatonix won), and to my delight, they are doing a Christmas special next Monday.  If you are a Christmas music freak like me, it just might be worth tuning in.

Speaking of Christmas music… Obviously I love Christmas music, but there are some songs that I just cannot stomach.  For every honestly emotional Josh Groban, “I’ll be Home for Christmas” there’s an overwrought, cloying “Christmas Shoes”.   What are your faves and loathes?

If you have trouble thinking of the worst ones, try this article for a refresher.

Hope you’re all getting into a festive mood

4 thoughts on “Getting Festive

  1. …and if you don’t mind a real rocker for your Christmas vibe, check out Gary Hoey’s “Carol of the Bells” – that will knock the snow off your rooftop!

  2. This just in………a “loathe” I forgot but was subjected to on my way home today. The next time I hear “I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas” better be the last.

  3. I’m with ya on the tailgating thing. A venue with a big lot would be better. Also agree hockey is a terrific sport that requires great skill. To bad it gets interrupted by fighting too often. As far as music goes, don’t forget Babs singing “Here we ahh…” 🙂

  4. Andy Williams’ “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” knocks it out of the park every damn time and gets the holiday going, and his gorgeous “Oh, Holy Night” is as good an example of the majesty of the male voice as there can be found. Groban is amazing (“Believe”), and Amy Grant’s first Christmas album is excellent. My soundtrack for the season also includes The Carpenters
    (there is THE female voice for you) and tons of Mannheim Steamroller (“Carol of the Bells”). And Spike Jones Christmas brings me back to the magic of childhood instantly 🙂

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