Here We Are

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this ol’ thing.  In the last couple weeks I’ve gotten my wisdom teeth out, completed my Christmas shopping, and seen some old friends.  However, I was camera-less, and no pictures makes erin’s blog very, very boring.

Luckily, this past weekend I finally got my act together, swiped my parents’ camera and documented a bit.

Family Christmas Tree

My parents hosted a lovely Pre-Christmas dinner for the family.  It was quite the feast.  Artichokes, clams and pomegranate martinis for apps.  A champagne toast, rosemary baked ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and brussels sprouts for the main event.

Pomegranate seeds floating in Champagne - We Fancy

The conversation was loud, hilarious, interesting and sometimes disturbing.  Sex, religion and politics each made an appearance as they obviously go hand-in-hand with any family Christmas event…What would a holiday dinner be without an Urban Dictionary consultation?


The following night, we met at Universal CityWalk to take in the Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas concert at the Gibson Amphitheater.  It was truly rockin’.  For those who don’t quite recall, Brian Setzer and his orchestra are famous for their rockabilly-big band-inspired sound.

Universal CityWalk

Unfortunately, my sister and I found ourselves sitting in a bit of a stink cloud.  A guy next to me stunk like mildew, below us some serous scalp reek emanated upward, and an unidentified concert-goer had a serious case of halitosis.  Nevertheless, the orchestra sounded incredible, Brian Setzer served us some tasty guitar solos, and who doesn’t love a double bass duel during which the bassists actually stand on their instrument while playing- so fun.

If you haven’t sampled some of Brian Setzer’s Christmas tracks, I highly encourage you to throw them into your Christmas music rotation.  A surprising favorite is the instrumental Nutcracker Suite.

It’s crazy how Christmas creeps up on you.  Even with my shopping done, I’m still looking at a very busy week of work, cookie making, feasting and organizing my life. Looking forward to all of it!

3 thoughts on “Here We Are

  1. Sorry about the “stank” at the show – yikes! Loved the dinner at home and the concert at the Gibson. Nothin’ like live music, and a swingin’ orchestra to boot!
    Looking forward to cookies, Domenico’s, and the 24th and 25th craziness 🙂

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