C is for Cookie

That’s good enough for me!

Last night we continued the holiday festivities with annual cookie making at the Dillon house.


When you begin the night with basil-infused gimlets, you know it’s going to be a classy and delicious affair.

In fact, for a Bay/Dillon event this was surprisingly mellow!

goofballs making goofballs

We worked on some goofballs, pomander balls, biscotti and coconut and cranberry cookies.   Pat Powers and Pat Bay took control of the goofballs (almond joy balls).  By the end of the chocolate coating process some of the goofballs appeared to have grown tumors, so Pat Powers made sure to “dispose” of the monstrosities.

Beth dipping biscotti

We finished up the night with Aunt Nancy’s incredible homemade SoCo infused eggnog.  Gosh I missed that eggnog last year.  So darn creamy.

Tonight after work, the roommates and I are exchanging gifts and watching Love Actually.  The Holidays just get better from here.

presents under the tree


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