Today I’m leaving for Berlin. Yes, PC will be there. Yes, I will be trying to work. If you have any questions regarding this part of my personal life I invite you to email me your questions and comments.

For now I just wanted to acknowledge what’s swirling around my head as I sit here at my gate.

I am excited nervous anxious sad hopeful eager hesitant committed and unsure. I don’t think any of my previous trips have elicited this sort of emotional response.

Yesterday I bid farewell to my family, and hung out with friends. Despite knowing I’ll be back in 6 months, I am truly bummed to be away from these people.

The last few months have affirmed and strengthened my love for and friendship with these people. I am so grateful.

Ok I know it’s mushy but get over it- it’s the holidays.

Happy Holidays…and on to the adventures of 2012!


2 thoughts on “Hello/Goodbye

  1. tear…
    that was probably the last time we’ll ever be roommates. we should have taken a solo pic to commemorate the occasion.
    miss you already! and i know you love me the most. jokes!

  2. I miss you already! I know you have a head bursting with feelings, and I also know that everything is going to be adventurous and amazing! Say “Cheers, Mate!” to Paul, and Happy New Year (and beginnings!) in Berlin 🙂

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