Clear and Present Danger

I figured I should share some impressions of life here in Berlin.  If I die here unexpectedly, I wouldn’t be all that surprised.  From a pesky protruding nail in the floorboards, to a flaming shower, to a tiny car- accidental death is a distinct possibility.

In case you haven’t seen this on PC’s facebook, this is the car.  The deathtrap 3000.  I’ve seen plenty zooming around the streets here, and observed how advantageous its size is for the crazy parking.  In truth, I’m warming to the idea of this vehicle…but I’m still mildly terrified of the Smart.

This is the shower.  Note the water heating box.

When one uses hot water in the apartment, as one is wont to do whilst showering, you will see…FLAMES!

That’s right, flames six inches from your face.  Nothing eliminates your enjoyment of a post-flight shower faster than the realization there’s a flame near your hair.  Of course, the shower has many other unique qualities such as a head which swivels precariously, and sprays at peculiar angles each away from your body.  Nevertheless, I am still thankful for the hot water.

Flame On

Of course, there are other fun and charming things I enjoy in the apartment.

Like these keys.

Do you see the one that looks as if it should open the gate to the secret garden?  That’s the actual house key.

Many appliances are conveniently located in such a way that one need not move more than three paces to bake a cake, do the dishes, and throw in a load of whites simultaneously.

Also, PC purchased a sweet Nespresso machine a couple of weeks ago.  Instant espresso. Long. Short. and Sexy.

Funny Story though…

At the time of purchase, PC also ordered several cartridges of the espresso to be used with the machine.  He waited patiently, and then not so patiently.  Finally, today as we shopped at the fancy KaDeWe department store, he could wait no longer.  Eager to use the new toy, we purchased a couple tubes of cartridges, hurried home, popped ’em in the machine, and took our first lovely sips of espresso.

At that exact moment, the doorbell rang.  The mail had arrived…with all of the original cartridges PC had ordered.  Best. Timing. Ever.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed settling in, working out the jet lag, and I’m slowly getting to know this city.


4 thoughts on “Clear and Present Danger

  1. Hard to follow those who already weighed in so eloquently – “bring a marshmallow” – but love the “mein” this and that on the Deathtrap 3000! Nice kitchen layout – so ergonomic and self-contained. Are you ready to declare, “Eich bein ein Berliner!” (sic) yet 🙂

  2. That shower is nothing. A friend of mine used a shower in South America that required you to throw an uninsulated guillotine switch, conveniently located directly above the shower head, to get hot water. Look on the bright side & bring a marshmallow to your next shower.

    I hope the washer does dishes too.

  3. Too funny! 2 questions…1. Does that tiny wTer heater provide enough hot water fir the two of you? 2. How does Mr. 7 ft. Fit in that janky shower? Sad day taking down the tree and putting Christmas back under the stairs:(!

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