Flöhmarkt & Fun

I’m venturing out more and more.  This past weekend,  Megan (Kawika Shoji’s lovely girlfriend) and I headed out for some shopping.  Saturday, we went the conventional route with the Postdamer Platz Arkaden,  Karstadt and TKMaxx.

Sunday, I dragged Megan across town to a couple of flöhmarkts.  We successfully navigated the trains, evaded a crazy man and ended up at Arkonaplatz.

Some markets can be a bit overwhelming, so the little market in Arkonaplatz was a nice place to start.  While flea markets and swap meets back home can get tiresome, there’s something new and fresh about seeing what old crap people try to sell in another country.  Plus, there’s a chance you’ll see a remnant of the communist past, or really, any part of the German past.  As lame as they might be to a local, seeing defunct communist currency excites me.  I love seeing the old appliances, and comparing the furniture to what I’ve seen in the states.

From this market, it’s just a quick jaunt over to the Mauerpark.  This park contained a far larger flöhmarkt, and the promise of karaoke.  We saw no karaoke, but we took a quick stroll through the hipster infested lanes of the market.  The Mauerpark stalls included many more handicraft and “made” items.

Checking Out the Wares

Although there was greater selection, the high prices dissuaded us from any purchases.  Also, it was pretty chilly, and we were both ready for a coffee and a treat.

Megan in her new boots

Slowly but surely, I’m getting my geographical bearings.  I’m hopeful that my navigational awareness will be helpful when I gather the courage to drive the Smart.

The Big Street by the Apartment

A funny thing happened with the Smart…

PC and I stopped by Ikea to pick up a few things for the apartment.  Being geniuses, we thought nothing of grabbing a full length mirror.  Before purchasing it, we considered price, utility, where it should go in the apartment – not once did we consider how we might get it home.  We walked to the car and immediately realized we’d made a boo-boo.  Miraculously, we wedged the mirror inside.  Two centimeters more and we’d have been out of luck.  With the mirror balancing on top of me, we made a safe drive home…although I couldn’t help thinking that the most minor rear ending would have meant a lot of shattered glass and blood on my side.

So Dangerous

Oh another thing with the Smart…

This is the book PC was given to track is driving.

It’s the Fahrtenbuch.  Yeah, sound that one out.  I don’t even care that it’s the most juvenile joke ever, I will forever call it the “fartin book”.  Let’s hope PC keeps a very good record for the team.


3 thoughts on “Flöhmarkt & Fun

  1. Some people keep track of their eating habits, others carefully document their exercise regimen, while still more actually balance their checkbook by noting debits and credits. Can’t wait to read the descriptions PC logs in his new “journal”.
    So good to see you enjoying and exploring in one of Europe’s great cities 🙂

  2. If Paul wasn’t so tall you could have bought a shorter mirror.

    It appears Berlin is not immune graffiti. I hope that’s not a piece of the old wall.

    I guess what Monty Python meant was “I GO in your general direction!”

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