Winderful Visit

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have the Winders come visit! Jaimie-Rose has already done  a bang-up job recounting their adventure here.  With less than 24 hours in Berlin, we pretty much packed every single hour with activities.  I hope we didn’t scare them off from visiting again, because it was so wonderful having them. Jaimie-Rose and Jonathan are officially the best sports ever.

Unfortunately, Berlin decided to grant us the worst weather conditions since I’ve been here.  It was grey, windy, rainy/snowy…and did I mention freezing.  Nevertheless, the Winders were game for a bit of sightseeing.  Having only been here a few short weeks, I felt a bit lacking in the tour guide department, but we tried to hit a few important places.

First stop, a look at the Reichstag.

Then we braced ourselves against icy mist and walked over to Brandenburger Tor.

Then a freezing stroll led us up Unter den Linden, and down Friedrichstraße to Checkpoint Charlie and a look at pieces of the ol’ mauer (wall).  Checkpoint Charlie has special significance to Jonathan whose grandfather was stationed here during the Cold War years.

Being partially frozen at this point, we went across the street to warm up in Starbucks.  The Starbucks on the Eastern side of Checkpoint Charlie.  Is there any greater expression of progress and change since the fall of communism?  Well yes, but you get my point.

Next on the agenda:  A Berlin Recycling Volleys match against Bühl.  Lucky coincidence, Cory Riecks, another Pepperdine alumnus plays for Bühl.  So it was a big ol’ California/Amurica reunion.

Seriously, it was a bit disorienting after the match with all of these native English speakers.  Our group included Kawika, Megan, Jonathan, Jaimie-Rose, Scott and Angel Touzinsky, and our friend Elaine.  I have to admit, it was kinda fun being party to such a large American delegation…not sure what the Europeans thought about that one…or that random Australian (*snicker).

The Winders’ flight was scheduled for 7:40 am.  So, being the hospitable and helpful hosts that we are, we encouraged them to stay out all night at a German discotheque before heading to the airport.  I mean, they were going to be tired anyway, right?

I think they had fun though.  I hope they did.  Oh gosh I really hope so…

Here’s some of the girls from the night.

Check this epic hair swingin’.  I’m jealous.

Functioning on one hour of sleep, the Winders made their way home to France.  I can’t wait till our next rendezvous.  Hopefully more sleep and less frostbite next time.


4 thoughts on “Winderful Visit

  1. Man i feel sorry for PC surrounded by all those Yanks, I bet he thought he had put those days behind him after he left college!

  2. Looks like you packed in a helluva lot for 1 freakin’ cold-ass day – well done!
    BTW just read some Roald Dahl this week – I know, really?! But recommend “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and other Short Stories” Check it out – I think you will dig it. Miss you 🙂

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