So it’s been quiet around here in the past week.

There was one tragedy.  Poor baby beluga….my macbook bit the dust last week.  I know it’s silly, but having your computer break down on you out of nowhere is kinda the worst, especially when you’re in another country (access to skype, replacement costs, important infos that didn’t get backed up on the external…ugh).  Oh well.

Other than my computer dying, some other fun stuff happened in the past week.  I’m slowly venturing out for some sightseeing here and there.

One evening while PC had training, I took a nice stroll through mitte.  I stopped by the Gendarmenmarkt, a beautiful public square housing a concert house and two churches.  While originally built in the eighteenth century, it took a beating in the centuries since, particularly WWII, but extensive restoration ensured that it retains its charm and beauty.

Just off the square is Fassbender and Rausch, a massive chocolate institution.  While I resisted the urge to consume the whole store, I couldn’t resist taking a snap of the chocolate Reichstag ( they had also crafted the Brandenburger Tor and Gedächtniskirche in shokolade).

I figured after the chocolate frivolity I should sober up with a trip to the Topographie des Terrors.  It’s a museum located on the old SS/Gestapo headquarters, and is dedicated to chronicling the Nazi reign of terror.  Another cool thing, it is bordered by a large, un-demolished section of the Berlin Wall.  Anyways, I spent two hours in the museum, and made it through about a quarter of the way through so engrossed was I in the exhibits.  No matter how many times I learn this material, I am still so thoroughly horrified and intrigued.  The pictures.  Oh the pictures.   Just take a peek at the photo below (not mine).  It features SS men and female auxiliaries from Auschwitz taking time out to enjoy themselves on a little retreat to nearby Sola-Hütte.

PC enjoyed an extremely rare weekend off, so we relaxed with a bit of homemade breakfast pizza (ok, I didn’t make the crust).

We met up with Scott, Angel, Logan, Megan and Kawika at the Berlin Aquarium.  Favorite moment:  Looking at some clownfish in a tank, and observing a young German boy having his day made as he realizes that there are “Drei Nemos!!!”.

Winter weather has finally arrived (not that I was eager for this), so sightseeing outside has become less than enticing.  However, PC valiantly ventured out to show me the Berlin Dome, and walk around Alexanderplatz.

He's So Cold
Jumping to Stay Warm
Blurry and Freezing at Alexanderplatz

This week, the job hunt continues, and I will endeavor to find a replacement for Baby Beluga.  Who knows, with the frigid weather I might just be forced to spend hours inside a museum or two.


4 thoughts on “sightseeing

  1. What a contrast of architecture. The old church in the same view as the space needle. It’s amazing what survived the war or was rebuilt later.

  2. So many beautiful and historic places all around you! I’m so jealous – we have nothing here but gas stations, linen stores and coffee houses. The beautifully lighted buildings full of the story of Europe – awesome!

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