It’s damn cold.  I’m not loving it.  It’s not merely the fact that it’s been consistently well below freezing, but it’s annoyingly frigid weather.  The sun is being an obnoxious tease by shining all the time. I hate being tempted outside only to have my extremities freeze within 30 seconds, thus prompting a string of muttered, bag lady-esque curses.  That scene is not cute.

With my diminished ability to explore outside, I have slacked on photos.  However, here’s a few things I’ve been up to.

Re-visiting the topography of terror.

The Wall at the Topography of Terror

Enjoying the gorgeous sunsets that a hazy, snowy climate offer.

Becoming more and more familiar with the U and S-bahn system here.  Each day I try to get out for at least a teensy bit, even if it’s simply to walk around KaDeWe.  Of course, I prefer to take the U-Bahn rather than the Deathtrap 3000.

Interior of my U-bahn station; taken in black and white because well...I felt dreary

Spending more time inside has forced me to jump back on the reading bandwagon.  After struggling through The Idiot, I rewarded myself with Mindy Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns).  While she plays Kelly Kapoor on the office, Mindy is also one of the show’s head writers.

Apart from being a hilarious and quick read, Mindy makes many points that really resonate with me.  She speaks proudly and unabashedly about being a quiet, hardworking high schooler who had friends, but certainly not the social life which might include house parties on a Friday night.  I love it. Here’s a lil excerpt:

“As it is, I guess I find “Jack and Diane” a little disgusting. As a child of immigrant professionals, I can’t help but notice the wasteful frivolity of it all. Why are these kids not home doing their homework? Why aren’t they setting the table for dinner or helping out around the house? Who allows their kids to hang out in parking lots? Isn’t that loitering?  I wish there was a song called “Nguyen and Ari,” a little ditty about a hardworking Vietnamese girl who helps her parents with the franchised Holiday Inn they run, and does homework in the lobby, and Ari, a hardworking Jewish boy who does volunteer work at his grandmother’s old-age home, and they meet after school at Princeton Review. They help each other study for the SATs and different AP courses, and then, after months of studying, and mountains of flashcards, they kiss chastely upon hearing the news that they both got into their top college choices.This is a song teens need to inadvertently memorize.”


I’m feeling more confident of my bearings in this city.  This essentially means that I’ve got some navigational awareness, as well as the new found audacity to begin making snap cultural judgements (good and bad) about the people and customs here.  Yeah.

Hope you all are warm and cozy!


10 thoughts on “Freezing

  1. The passage from Mindy’s book is priceless and so right on! I get the pride you must feel when you reflect on how you spent your high school days (not to mention my pride in you). Let’s set those words to the same tune and make it a hit 🙂
    BTW curse that damn lying sunshine, and Happy 25th!

  2. Mindy’s book was the first one I’ve read this year. It was very entertaining but I definitely laughed more with bossypants. I’m such a copycat with my kindle and trying to read a billion books this year. On a side note, did you know that to fly from Arcata to LAX its 600+ dollars and to fly LAX to Germany its only a little over 1000….how is that possible? I might randomly show up on your doorstep someday….

  3. Sorry you’re freezing! I would be pretty miserable.

    I want to read that book… I also still need to read bossy pants… maybe when the semester is over.

    1. just taking some time today to catch up on reading your posts. So it seems you are having an adventure again, and seem very upbeat in general. Loved the info on your birthday—good to celebrate #25. Here’s hoping things warm up for you sooner than later. BTW, is your email the same as before at Yahoo—-that is where i sent your birthday email. Love you, aunt nancy

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