25 ish

So… I had a birthday this week.  Yeah yeah I know.  As if it’s not narcissistic enough to have a blog, but to post about your birthday on said blog…

Whatever.  While I can be prone to “quarter-life crisis” type moments, I’m actually feeling pretty relaxed about things right now.

Perhaps that’s we learn after college.  We spend the first 20 or so years of our lives learning to schedule, prioritize, and set goals that can be reached if we stick to a particular trajectory.  Then, after you graduate, life sorta throws you into the waves, where you try not to get swept out to sea, or pounded into the sand.  You have to learn to roll with things, and consider more than one narrow direction for your little ol’ life.

I suppose that’s what I’m working on these days.  Trying to to perfect a balance of discipline and flexibility.

For my bday, PC took me out to fancy, shmancy Midtown Grill for a Surf and Turf dinner.


While it may seem strange to pick an American-style restaurant here in Germany, there are certain improvements in service and accoutrements, which make it worth your Euro.

We were initially surprised by their emphatic advertisement of their USDA steaks, and the inflated price they feel is commensurate with this meat.  However, finding excellent steak in Germany can pose a challenge due to different supply and butchering.  If you choose to dine out, paying a lil extra for American or Argentinian beef is usually a wise decision.

Note the prime parking spot for the Smart

After sharing some oysters, I opted for lobster, PC for steak.  We enjoyed a friendly, smiling server- a real rarity here.   The restaurant also offered 20-some different types of specialty salts to be paired with your meal, and a complimentary marshmallow roasting experience at the end.

I’m glad we got this wonderful meal in when we did, because a day and a half later PC and I both came down with stomach flu. We’re still recovering from this.  It’s Lovely.

6 thoughts on “25 ish

  1. Love the “surf” analogy for post-college life juxtaposed with the “surf ‘n’ turf” dining experience. Gosh you just be so clever in your writin’ skillz 🙂

  2. I thought the Smart was small enough to park next to your table.
    The s’mores is a fun touch, I hope you did me proud & didn’t set any on fire 🙂
    Hope you feel better.

  3. Yuck… You were welcomed into your 25th year with the flu?! Looks like you had a lovely dinner though 🙂 oh ya… I wanna see a picture of PC crammed in the smart! I’m still trying to figure out how this is possible!

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