Last weekend, PC and I had a chance to do sightseeing together.  A rare treat.

I am going to link to some of the establishments we encountered for any of you out there looking for some Berlin recs/ideas…I’m sure there’s like 1 of you…maybe…

We kicked off Friday night with low key cocktails.

Stagger Lee

With a wild west meets hipster vibe, Stagger Lee still manages to elevate the drinks above theme.  The bartenders were knowledgeable, helpful and made a delicious libation.  Their house cocktail,  the julep, gets a twist with cherry jam and cherry liquour, but they ensure that the bourbon remains the star.

The Green Door

We decided to stroll down to check out the mystery of the Green Door.  Allegedly, it was an old haunt of the likes of David Bowie, and named after a porno.  After locating its unassuming green door, we walked into an unapologetically retro, crowded and smoky watering hole.  While it was fun hunting the place down, we opted to move along soon thereafter.

Saturday, PC and I finally made it out to the East Side Gallery.  The gallery is a section of the wall which has been used as the canvas for international artists expressing freedom, creativity and community.  I don’t care if you know jack about art, you have to appreciate this place.

I’m sure you’ve seen this one

A stroll through an outdoor gallery in February leaves you pretty chilly by the end, so we rambled back into mitte for a coffee.

The Barn

This place plays up a rustic Americana vibe, and delivers on really excellent coffee.  I’ve heard that the homemade baked goods are to die for, particularly the carrot cake, but we didn’t partake.

Sunday and Sunshine! A quick drive down to Potsdam was in order.  Despite being the site where the Big Three decided the fate of post WWII world, it’s also famous for Fritz.

Fritz being Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, who would have been 300 this year.

Potsdam's Brandenburger Tor

Fritz disliked the constant hustle and bustle of Berlin, so he decided to build a palace just outside in Potsdam.  He even named the palace Sanssouci- French for carefree.  The idyllic town’s quaint buildings, and expansive palatial gardens make it difficult to imagine it in a state of decay behind the iron curtain.

The palace grounds were teeming with people each seemingly in possession of a dog, small child or both.  Let me tell you, Germany sucks if you are dying to have a dog, but cannot due to present circumstances.  stupid cute puppies.

On our way back, we stopped at Wannsee.  Wannsee, situated on the lake, played host to top level Nazis who met to discuss and decide upon the Final Solution for the “Jewish Problem” in 1942.

Walking through the rooms and examining the Nazi documents- it’s a different sort of emotional experience to walking through a camp, but powerful to be sure.  Shivers down your spine doesn’t cover it.

Pretty good weekend though.

One thought on “Outings

  1. So glad you and PC got to explore, eat and drink together out and about Berlin and its environs! Nice to see the places you went and hear about the history behind them. Not to mention some tasty cocktails 🙂

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