I’ve been trying to walk around more.  Not for exercise, but to get a better sense of the different suburbs here in Berlin.  Most recently, I decided to stroll around Prenzlauer Berg.

After consulting some traveling guides, I had a general idea of the sights and path I should take, but the neighborhood was so lovely and interesting, I found myself just drifting along.

First, I walked through the massive KulturBrauerei.  The massive structure houses a collection of stores, exhibitions and nightclubs.

Next, I made my way to fashionable Kollwitzpltaz.  Prenzlauer Berg, after the Cold War, first remade itself as a Bohemian haven for students and creative types.  In recent years, those kids have grown up, made money and made A LOT of babies.  The result is a gentrified baby-opolis.  I don’t believe I’ve EVER seen so many strollers.  EVER.

As I gawked at the kinder, I ran into the famous water tower.  Used as an SS prison during the war, its top levels now boast some of the most exclusive apartments in town.  On either side of the tower, a kindergarten and massive playground delight a staggering number of kiddies.

I would have liked to snap more pictures of the picturesque cafes, and boutiques lining the streets, but especially in winter, it’s difficult to accurately convey the ambiance to you.

I’m still exploring our own neighborhood, but always forget to snap pictures.  But here’s something…

Recently in the Charlottenberg area, we stopped for churros con chocolat at Nibs Cacao.  The Spanish hot chocolate is velvety, but extremely thick. Freshly made churros though?! delish.  I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other varieties this little shop offers…Chili, American, Oriental…mmmm

On to more exploring…

2 thoughts on “Prenzlberg

  1. Cold winter weather but nice sunshine – gives the place a warmth and a glow! The image of innumerable strollers is hilarious and brings back memories of “stroller parking” in Disneyland many years ago. Fresh warm churros – yum. Dig seeing more of the variety Berlin has to offer 🙂 From SS prison to luxury living – what a trip!

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