bits and bites

There have been few real “bloggable” moments here lately.  Days consist of researching visa and work options, cooking and a bit of city exploration when possible.  A turkish flea market here, a fancy Berlin cafe/deli there…

Here’s some bits and bites…

interesting fusion here...
home cookin'. braised lamb shanks. bam.
Some lamingtons made under the supervision and advice of PC
A pavlova unintentionally crushed by the clumsy palm of PC. The taste was unharmed. yum.
for the busy drunk on-the-go

Have I mentioned that open containers are no problem here? I’ll admit,  I’m still a bit ruffled when I see respectable citizens lifting a bottle to their lips on the u-bahn.  However, it does make cocktails to-go a possibility…on happy hour no less…how can I really complain?

a dinner guest who insisted upon helping with clean-up. thanks Logan 🙂
surprisingly nice bathroom english no less

And here’s a few more places in Berlin I can recommend

Transit for dinner

Brot&Butter for a special breakfast/lunch/snack

Minh Trang  our go-to Vietnamese lunch

5 thoughts on “bits and bites

  1. So many things in this post that made me smile… cute swiffering bebe, happy hour, nice bathroom graffiti, a crushed pavlova… wish I could see them in real life!

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  3. Got to hear more about “lamingtons” and what and why PC was supervising! C’mon, happy hour drinks-to-go, what’s NOT to like?! Your home cookin’ looks bomb – nice lamb entree 🙂

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