out of it

I’ve been out of the blogging groove.  I’m attempting to get back on that wagon.  It’s not that there haven’t  been fun things going on.  There have been playoffs, baby showers, and other schtuff, but I just haven’t been documenting.

Here’s something I sorta kinda documented.  PC’s friend Mitch, from high school, came to visit with his lovely lady Sonia.  They are currently living in London, so they popped over for the weekend.  Lucky for them, the weather was gorgeous. I think they had a good taste of the sightseeing here, although all of the Nazi history made Mitch want to physically harm Germans.  It was so wonderful meeting them, and getting a little insight into what PC was like as a dorky high schooler.

After a day of walking around the city, we stopped by a biergarten for a cold one.

I failed to take any pictures of the actual sightseeing.  Oh well.  We all went to PC’s playoff match on Sunday.  It was  HUGE match.  Miraculously, berlin volleys pulled through.  To celebrate, we wanted to take Mitch and Sonia out for a taste of the Berlin nightlife.  Unfortunately for us, the only thing open was one of the sketchiest clubs I’ve ever seen.  Nevertheless, as with many things, it’s the company you’re with that makes the night, and that was certainly true of Sunday night.

Mitch and Sonia

Coming home, there was a near tragedy.  My heel got caught in a grate, dislodging it.  Mitch, who was walking right behind me, had the misfortune of stepping straight into the abyss I had unwittingly opened up.

tricksy grate

We all turn around to see nothing but Mitch’s torso above ground.  What you can’t see in the below picture, is the rusty pipe that juts out ready to slice open any legs that might come its way.  Thankfully, there was no slicing, no blood, just a bizarre ending to a bizarre night.


I think that they escaped from Berlin relatively unscathed, and hopefully they won’t be afraid to come back our way again soon.

One thought on “out of it

  1. Is that the entrance to the crawl space in which Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis? I know – wrong city – but let any occupants know it’s “ollie ollie auction free!” Congrats to PC and the “Berlin Volleys” 🙂

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