PC’s parents are in the house.  quite literally.  They are sharing the little apartment here for a while to enjoy some volleyball, some sightseeing and some very rare quality time with their youngest.  As a family, the Carrolls came through Berlin 20 odd years ago in a camper van.  Apparently, the Carroll clan accidentally drove that van through the Brandenburger Tor, much to the horror of the German polizei.  Luckily, they’ve been allowed to revisit the city ;).

the tor

We’ve barely begun the sightseeing here on account of some illness, some poor weather and the luxury of time.  The Carroll’s have a month here to explore, so they can take their time seeing the city.

We took an elevator to the panoramapunkt at Potsdamer Platz to get a view of the city from above.  While it was nice, the overly zealous safety bars surrounding the top made it difficult to get a clear view.  Nevertheless, the exhibit there fascinated with various pictures of the destruction, demolition and subsequent rebuilding of the Potsdamer Platz area since the war.

the view

We continued walking toward the tor, the denkmal, the reichstag and then a quick jump over to the Soviet War Memorial.  Built upon the place where the final battle for Berlin left thousands of bodies and buildings destroyed, the monument features a bit of irony in that it was constructed using marble and other materials from Adolf Hitler’s Reich Chancellery.

Next day, we set out for a day in the DDR museum.  I had high hopes.  It’s a funny little museum on the side of the river covering all sorts of aspects of life in communist East Germany.

obligatory photo in a trabi

While the museum offered plenty of fascinating information, objects, photos, etc.  the place was PACKED.  Like sardines we were.  You could barely get a look at some of the exhibits.  Nevertheless, we still gleaned some cool stuff.  Stuff about kindergartners having to take communal potty breaks.  Waiting 16 years to get a car made of fiberglass.  Oh and widespread nudity.  Yeah, there was even a bit about the Easterners penchant for public nudity as a form of social expression and resistance to the communist order.


We head to Munich tomorrow for some Finals action.  Victorious or not, it should be a nice little road trip into Bavaria.

One thought on “carroll-ing

  1. The Soviet War memorial looks impressive, beautiful and striking. Love the materials used! Glad you guys are all together reliving old memories and making new ones. Wish I could have seen the “trek through the Tor” 🙂

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