final excitement

PC’s team has decided to win the championship.  However, they seem to be taking their time with it playing all 5 games possible in the series.  Apparently, they want to squeeze out every ounce of excitement.  As a fan, I want to thank the team for all the extra action, but really now- let’s lock this up.  This Sunday, we head to Munich for the fifth, final, tie-breaking match of the championship series against Generali Haching.

Last weekend, Megan, the Carrolls and I drove down to Munich. We decided to walk around Marienplatz for the few hours before the match.  It was gloomy and crowded, but still fun to show Hilde and Megan a teensy bit of the Munich I enjoyed so much last year.

Munich and Berlin are SUCH different cities.  People keep asking me which city I prefer.  This question leaves me pretty stumped.  In the end, I love different aspects of both places.  I love the multicultural smorgasbord that is Berlin.  But, I loved the small town feel of Munich.  I love that there’s always something to do or see in Berlin.  In Munich, I loved that you are so close to the mountains and side trips to Austria.  You get the picture. You can’t go wrong with either place.

We didn’t get the victory we were hoping for in Unterhaching, but I guess the boys just wanted to dazzle us with a 3-0 victory at home last night.  Lucky us.  Here’s a little screenshot of a few of us enjoying the game.  Some friends of Angel’s took this picture while watching the online feed.

So….we head back to Munich on Sunday to close it out.  In other news, I come back to the US on Tuesday.  weird.


3 thoughts on “final excitement

  1. It’s like Game 7, on the road at evil Yankee Stadium, a hostile crowd and all the odds stacked against the visitors. All the sweeter then when you stand on that court at the end of a glorious victorious match, champions of the league, with the thundering silence of the crushed and despairing crowd ringing in your ears as you taste the fruits of victory! Go Paul and Berlin – Eich bin ein Berliner 🙂

    ps. – can’t wait to have you home Tuesday!

  2. I want to go to there. Stay so I can come live with you, or better yet wait till I graduate next year and then imma come crash at your casa okay? yay paul’s team!

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