Scavenger Hunt

My awesome friend Celeste sent me the greatest thing: a scavenger hunt.  Having visited Berlin a few years ago, she sent me on a mission to find several of the places she had explored.  It was a perfect opportunity to squeeze in more sightseeing before my journey home.  I was accompanied by Elaine, who graciously documented the adventure.

Here’s where we went…

Barenland.  Land of gummi things.  After the fact, I realized this wasn’t even on her scavenger hunt.  For some reason I imagined it was.   I think she might still appreciate it.

Next, the toy section of the Alexanderplatz Galleria.  I’ve been through the Galeria many times, but never had I gone up to the toy section. Here’s was the inspiration she sent me for my visit.

Awesome, right?.  The toy section was quite extensive, and I began to spaz out a bit.  Then to document,  I decided to go with some kind of disturbed Bob the Builder (or Baumeister if you’re in Germany) pose.   I’m not sure what I was thinking.

Traveling over to Pariser Platz.  I was supposed to stop by the DZ bank.  There is a massive work of art by Frank Gehry in the bank’s lobby.  Unfortunately, the bank was closed. However, I could peer through the glass at the thing.  Impressive.

Here’s what it looks like for reals.  Obviously this is not my photo.

Next, the Akademie der Kunste. Located adjacent to the DZ bank, I had hoped it might be open.  No such luck.  However, the cafe and gift shop were operational, and there was a nice place to take a shot looking outside at Pariser Platz.

That day, the international children’s festival was on in front of Brandenburger Tor.  Seeing that it was already a day of exploration, we walked through the festivities admiring the rides, activities, happy kinder and food.

check out the zorbing ball!

Needing a change of scenery and a sweet treat, we rolled over to Augustrasse near Oranienburger Strasse.  This area of Mitte is one of the gallery districts of Berlin, and I think Celeste would have approved.  It’s an area you just love to wander around.  Everywhere you look there’s a cool gallery, a small boutique, a dilapidated building remade and artsy, a courtyard cafe…lovely.

We stopped at a couple of places I’d be happy to recommend.


Princess Cheesecake.  Not the cheapest slice of cake in town, but if you’re after that luscious American style dessert, this place would be hard to beat.  If you are looking for more German style cakes, most other bakeries would do you just fine.


Eismanufaktur.  Perfect scoops of Caramel Fleur de Sel gelato.   I only got a taste, but I would definitely return for their delicate honey rosemary flavour.  There are little artisanal ice creameries like this all over the city, and  I can’t wait to return in warmer weather to fully investigate all the options :).

This concluded the scavenger hunt.  However, there were 2 places I didn’t exactly get to.

Celeste had suggested that I visit Schloss Charlottenburg.  Funny thing is, I was living about 1 kilometer from the place.  It’s where I run nearly everyday!  I haven’t included a picture, as I’ve mentioned it before on the blog. I can attest that the grounds are perfect for a spring stroll, however I have not toured the inside as I’ve heard that it’s not blow-your-socks-off exciting.

Last, there was Cecilenhof.  This is where the Potsdam Konferenz which ended WWII occurred.  I’m kicking myself, as I’d LOVE to tour the place, and I hope to get there next time around.

Thanks to Celeste for such a fun idea.  The whole thing was just another reminder of how thoughtful the friends in my life are, and how lucky I am to have them.


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