busy busy

My last few days in Berlin were a whirlwind.  Well actually, more like the last 2 weeks were a whirlwind.  The Carrolls and I managed to cram about as much excitement as possible into a very small window.

In between sightseeing, we took time to enjoy a sunny day with a picnic by the river.

We parked ourselves on the grass looking out at museum island along with many sun-loving locals.

Some teammates and friends met up for dinner at The Bird.   It’s a great place for real Amurican style burgers.  Actually- back it up…This places serves real American style beef patties and toppings…but English muffins serve as the buns.  Have to admit, not sure  I’m won over by the muffins- but it’s still a darn good burger.

A trip back down to Unterhaching for the Bundesliga Championship Match.  After 5 sets of b,attling Berlin emerged victorious, and a certain tall Australian was awarded MVP.   Watching both teams killing themselves out there has to be one of the best sporting moments I’ve experienced.  A redemptive end to a tumultuous season.  With a mixture of teamwork, perseverance and desire the boys in orange got it done.  Hats off to Haching though; it really could have gone either way.After a long day of cheering, celebrating oh and 15 hours on a bus, we still wanted to do something special on my last full day in Berlin.

We made our reservations, and went up to visit the Reichstag dome.  I can’t recommend this more highly.  Not only is it free, but the views are incredible and the audio guide is fascinating without stifling you with too much superfluous information.

We opted for a delicious Turkish lunch.  Turkish food has become as much a piece of authentic Berlin as currywurst.  So darn tasty.

Tuesday I flew back to the USofA, and I’m currently recuperating from all of this aforementioned action.  Can’t wait for my next foray onto the European continent.

2 thoughts on “busy busy

  1. This is so amazing!!! I am glad you are back stateside and what a great way to end your time there. Champions and MVP to boot… love it!!

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