bad blogger

I’ve been back for a while now…and I haven’t done much blogging.  I just haven’t been desirous of sitting at the computer while the sun is out and shining.

Here’s what’s been happening:

Dodger games and fireworks

Dinners at Philippe’s

International Volleyball Friendly-Argentina vs. USA

 Thought to be deceased in Berlin, revived by experts in CA…Resurrected Baby Beluga. 

Vietnamese Feast with Gma

Seeing the gurlz

Note my shadowy hobo tooth

Spanish flair for Maureen’s Bday at Lola Gaspar

Finally getting to meet this cutie. Mr. Caleb Gonzales

Dinner at the Blue Cow Kitchen in DTLA with Greerski

Sushi with this cool little man

Molly’s graduation from Whittier College. Go Poets!

[Grand]Mother’s Day in Koreatown

Mother’s Day at the ballpark

Looking forward to another couple weeks of fun in the sun.

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