wrap it up

There’s something about being at home that makes me…suck at blogging. really.  it’s terrible.  Frankly, I don’t feel too badly.  I wanted to soak in every ounce of my time in California instead of frantically documenting it.  This decision led to 2 things:

1.  I had almost ZERO pictures of my own.  In fact, this post is largely the result of my swiping other peoples’ photos off of Facebook.  Sorry for the thievery everyone.

2.  Having the opportunity to see so many friends and family made this departure my most challenging so far.  This was highly disappointing as I had hoped that this whole leaving, and living away from everyone thing was going to get easier.  That theory was firmly pulverized by a Sunday night mini-meltdown.  Of course, I realize that complaining about this is ridiculous.  How lucky am I that I have such wonderful people in my life to miss? On that note, a quick memo…

Wonderful People: Come visit me.  Please.  Or just keep your facebook well updated so I can keep up.  Thank You.

Alright, that was sufficiently pathetic.  Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Lunch with Jamie in Orange

lunch in Orange with Jamie

Dodger game with the Fam

dodger game with the fam

 Bachelorette Party

We headed to Palm Desert to celebrate Emily, my former college roommate and teammate.  As excited as I was to make Em’s weekend special, I was, admittedly, selfishly, just as excited to see some of these girls.  It had been far too long.

The Gals

Looking ladylike…for a time at least.



The combination of the bachelorette and wedding weekends felt like a mini Pepperdine soccer reunion. Emily and Robbie promising each other eternal love and fidelity wasn’t bad either 🙂 Congrats you guys.

Beautiful bride and her maids.

Emily and Robbie Dodson


He got to enjoy two weeks in California, albeit in a sling.  Post surgery, he’s had very little pain, and insists upon doing as much as he can, which is fine by me as my tolerance for wimps is low :).  In all seriousness, he’s healing well.   While California is not his native land, I hope that this ersatz home lent him some measure of comfort and  reprieve from the oft lonely international life.

Emo gimp at the beach.

A crippled Angry Bird.

So, I think that about wraps up my time in California.  We’re in Berlin now, so hopefully I’ll get back to blogging regularly.

In other news, a special congratulations to the Australian volleyball team which qualified for the Olympics!  Now I’ll have 2 teams to cheer on in London!


2 thoughts on “wrap it up

  1. Aw, I miss SoCal too. Yeah, it’s super hard living that far away from everyone, I would definitely have trouble doing that on a full-time basis. Then again, travel is awesome too….But yeah, it sucks that you can’t have your boy and everyone else in the same area.

  2. I think stunned, amazed, bewildered and betwixt would sort of describe how I felt upon hearing that Australia will play volleyball games in London, and that PC will not march in with them in green and yellow. If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing about interviews, opportunities, and such like

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