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Euro 2012 excitement keeps rolling along here.  Last week, we met up with PC’s teammate Roko and his lovely lady Jasmin to watch Spain take on Croatia.  There was a bit of added fun in that Roko is Croatian, while Jasmin is half Croatian, half Spanish and chose to cheer on the Spaniards.  Naturally, the banter was spirited and silly.  Meeting up at a little Croatian bar, the crowd was lively and assertively biased, cheering like mad anytime their side crossed the half.  And although Jasmin’s Spanish wound up victors, there were no hard feelings, and domestic bliss was preserved.

In other news, I cannot get enough of the fussball themed schtuff here.

soccer ball bread at the grocery store mmmhmmm

I even went so far as buying soccer ball shaped ice cube trays for the new freezer.  I know, it’s totally “sixth grade girl who paints her nails her team colors, makes an AIM name like ‘socrchick9′, and draws soccer balls on her folders”.  I’m aware.  But come on, it’s fun!  And I friggin’ love having ice now in my beverages.  Take that, ice averse europe.

my “cool” trays

On Friday, we met up with some friends to watch the Germany Greece showdown.  Beyond the obvious ‘Germany Greece Eurozone crisis’ jokes to be made, we were soon apprised of another joke…

What you see in the picture above is our friend Ricky doing a stunning imitation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Merkel made it to the quarterfinal wearing a signature big shouldered suit jacket.  A jacket which limits her arm mobility, making her goal celebrations hysterical and cute in that adorable grandma way.

Take a look:

Watching “Angie” gleefully clap away was a welcome departure from the “tough old broad dealing with the eurozone crisis” image I usually see.  The cameras couldn’t help but pan to her for each goal celebration.

On Saturday, we wanted to go down to the “Fan Mile” near Brandenburger Tor to watch the Spain match.  Numskulls that we are, we forgot that it was Pride day for Berlin.  Past the first blockade and it was immediately clear that the rainbow festooned party animals were not overly interested in a EuroCup quarterfinal.  No matter, it was pretty fun to mill around the merry makers and take in the scene.  Apparently 700,000 people poured into Berlin for this day.

A performance in front of Brandenburger Tor

Actually, the celebration reminded me of another political anecdote. Klaus Wowerweit, the mayor of Berlin, is gay.  In fact, during his mayoral campaign he coined a now famous phrase at the end of one of his speeches,”Ich bin schwul, und das ist auch gut so”.  This roughly translates to, “I’m gay, and that’s a good thing”.

It’s such a simple and powerful statement, however I can’t imagine that stunt going over well stateside.  As usual, comparing the politics of my home and my temporary home is a fascinating, bewildering exercise.

Side Note:  Allegedly the mayor likes to party, aaaaand at hoffest (that thing I blogged about) there were rumors that he was wasted.  fun stuff.

Oh and here’s an extra little fun news tidbit from the weekend


3 thoughts on “sports and politics

  1. God bless good ‘ole American style drinks poured over LOTS of ice! Dig the soccer ball trays (ice spheres?) Glad you are in the middle of the soccer world – don’t be schwus about it 🙂

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