This is just a silly mini post.

PC and I went to see the Temper Trap Monday night.

It was awesome.

They played this alternative venue over on the East Side.  Covered in graffiti, and looking a tad sketchy, the Astra Kulturhaus proved to be a pretty cool place.  There were so many English speakers present, that I was actually thrown off if I heard German.

Fellow Australian band Chet Faker opened, and ended their set with a pretty sweet cover of  “No Diggity”.   Then Dougy and the Temper Trap stormed out to give us a great show.

On a natural high from the concert, we chose some pretty legit looking stoner food.  Cube Fries absolutely smothered in mayo and ketchup.  One observation though: Homemade ketchup is never worth it to me.  You can have tasty homemade mustards, aiolis, etc., but artisanal ketchup just doesn’t live up to Heinz.  Quit advertising your homemade ketchup like it’s a big deal; it blows.

Anyways, we rode the train home and took a shameless number of selfies.  I’m sharing them here partly because I’m narcissistic, and partly because anything that displays the disparity in size between my massive chompers and his mini teef is hilarious to me.

In other news…

PC and I are leaving to spend the weekend in Dubrovnik. check ya later.


4 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. Your ketchup blows, and you’re not funny – hysterical!
    Love the battle of the mouths full (or not so ) of teeth 🙂

  2. So jealous of this whole post in so many ways! Enjoy Dubrovnik and let us know if it’s worth the trek from France (I realize this is a silly thing to say because undoubtedly, it’s beyond worth it). Safe travels 🙂

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