lazy days

My lazy days are nearly over.  Well sorta.  Tomorrow I get to begin working at: English Language Summer Camp!  It’s amazing to me that after all these years I’m still working at friggin camp.  I guess some things never change.

In preparation for my (marginally) more productive schedule, I’ve been enjoying some extraordinarily lazy days.

My grandma sent us some California goodies.  See’s chocolate and scotch kisses, plus über cool CA Starbucks mugs.  I mean, how can I be expected to leave the house when I can sit around drinking coffee in a mug with a giant sequoia on it, and chow on an inappropriate number of sweets?

Yesterday, we enjoyed a relaxed, though somewhat unsuccessful trip to Kreuzberg for a vintage fashion fair.  No purchases made, however we did find a place for korean style chicken wings.

vintage fair-better for people watching than shopping

Today brought a leisurely breakfast in bed prepared by the tall one.

Taking advantage of a thunderstorm-less sky,  we checked out the nearest beach.

Well, it’s more of a lake.  It has that weird murky, sludgy lake bottom that gives me the creeps.  But holy cow was it crowded.

I mean it’s no Croatia, but it’ll do.

And by no Croatia, I mean there was a dead fish floating around, naked children everywhere and despite the designated nude bathing area, plenty of parents saw fit to hang out topless and pantsless in the normal “suited” area.

Nevertheless, it’s a sand beach, the water’s warm, and it’ll definitely do the trick on sunny days.

Tomorrow I get a schedule.  Unstructured days become draining after awhile.  Yeah, that sounds ridiculous, but you know what I mean.  It’s like the days at the end of summer vacation when you don’t really want to start school, but you’re also kinda tired of hanging at home all the time.  So, I’m oddly looking forward to camp.  Of course, I’m also petrified that all the kids are going to give me hell….

should be interesting.


One thought on “lazy days

  1. Good luck today at camp!(sounds like you’re in 6th grade 🙂
    If unstructured days are a plague, may God smite me with them!
    But yeah, I get what you mean.
    And love the Croatian coast photo that heads the post – fantasy like!

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