Summer of our Discontent

I had high hopes for summer in Berlin. I really did.

But…what is this?

Apparently, we’re having a California winter.  Blech.

Unfortunately, this past week hasn’t made me the most appreciative Berlin resident.  Apart from the fickle weather that has you basking in sunshine one moment, and taking shelter from a mini monsoon the next,  I had some bad luck at camp.

On Friday, as I packed up my things to go home, I reached into my purse only to find that my phone had been stolen.  My new iphone.  My surprising and incredibly thoughtful gift from the tall one.  After searching and resigning myself to the fact that one of my students had stolen from me, I schlumpfed off to the bus stop to begin my commute home.  My bus pulled up, but because i hadn’t walked quickly enough, the driver decided i wasn’t worth waiting for and pulled away.  Waiting another five minutes,  noticing the rain coming down harder and harder, I finally caught my ride.  I got off the bus at my stop, and began a five minute walk home in torrential rain.  My umbrella essentially useless, I arrived home drenched, dejected and proceeded to have a mini meltdown.  It. was. pathetic.

I know it’s only a simple possession, but it got to me.  It bothers me because I know that someone violated my personal property.  Because while I’m away from friends and family, that phone has been a comforting link ( I already miss whatsapp).  Because this has happened to me before in Australia (aussie brats…).   Anyways, I’ll get over it, but for now I am decidedly less enthused about the next two weeks of camp.

This weekend has been relaxing:  filing a police report, attending the FIVB beach volleyball grand slam tournament, eating Turkish food.

Beach action

The volleyball was actually pretty cool, apart from the intermittent rain and poncho-wearing.  We stuck around for the men’s final between Brazil and USA.  Unfortunately, Americans Gibb and Rosenthal were bested by the Brazilians, but the match was tight throughout.  There was a bit of levity during the medal ceremony when the backdrop for the podiums was erected so as to block out half of the spectators.

Die Mauer

A cheeky allusion to the impassioned call that brought down the Berlin Wall, German volleyball fans began chanting “Die Mauer muss weg!”.   Unfortunately, “die mauer” remained in place, but most spectators chuckled good naturedly about it.

Here’s hoping Berlin and I can get back on friendlier terms this week.


3 thoughts on “Summer of our Discontent

  1. Erin, I feel for you, another mobile phone stolen and from a student (a devil)again
    makes it worse ! I would be furious and disillusioned as well !
    As hard as it is, let it not spoil your enjoyment in your work !

    About the weather now…..I lived in Europe half my life and remember never to go
    anywhere without a raincoat and never let the rain stop you to go out. (otherwise
    you will not go out much at all !)

  2. Some German spawn of Satan needs a beating. And here I thought das Berliners were so set in their austerity ways, and passing that along to their youth. I guess criminal adolescent minds come in all nationalities – American, Australian and German. You were right to have a meltdown – I think I would be looking to take a young life.

  3. Bummer ’bout the phone & weather. But cheer up, it could be snowing & you could be living when there were no cell phones 🙂

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