low key

A relaxed weekend.

With physio, conditioning and regular trainings, PC’s been putting in double and triple days.  Although I’m sure he’d have rather spent time creating a deep impression on the couch, he gamely tooled around the city with me.

Friday night was more of a “work” night.  Over at BeachMitte, local radio station Star FM (sponsor of BR Volleys) held a try-out for their very own beach team.  Needing an expert eye, PC and BR volley’s coach Mark,  came to scope out the talent.

the competitors

The hopefuls competed in a number of challenges, none of which had much to do with playing volleyball.  Not that it mattered.  It’s all for fun, and most competitors looked like could count on one hand the number of times they’ve touched a volleyball.


The best event of the evening was the strudel läuft, a riff on dizzy bat.  Is there anything more hilarious than dangerously dizzy people?

The remainder of the weekend was spent largely in some sort of market.

We began Saturday with a stroll through the expensive, but lovely trödelmarkt near Tiergarten.  If antique furniture or silver sugar tongs from the 19th century are your bag, you’ll be sure to drop some cash.  As it was, we weren’t really in the market (ha, get it?) for any such items, and the sellers have no need to haggle, so we contented ourselves with marveling at the inflated prices.

Working up an appetite, we headed into Mitte to try a place I’d been curious about.  With a hankering for banh mi, I suggested we try Babanbe.

babanbe’s space

Baking their own bread, and stuffing their vietnamese sandwiches to the rafters with yummy bbq pork, meatballs and pickled veggies, Babanbè deli will probably require a revisit soon.

Post lunch, a caffeine jolt was needed.  I had visited a cafe in the Prenzlauerberg area earlier in the week, and had declared their cappuccino one of, if not, THE best I’d ever had.  PC, thusly enticed, suggested we pop over so he might judge for himself.

He was not disappointed.  Let’s be clear. I’m no coffee snob.  I know jack all about coffee beans, roasting…coffee in general.  I’m usually pleased with whatever I get, but every once in awhile you get a cup that stands out.  This was one such cup.  If you’re in the area, a trip to no fire no glory, might be worth your while.

One street over, the kollwitzplatz farmer’s market was in full swing.  Grabbing some wildflowers, and a few punnets of strawberries we rounded out our little excursion.

me, flowers, wasserturm and tv tower

Sunday.  a new day, a new market.

But first, this place.

It always creeps me out.

you kill it, we grill it

I expect to see this kind eatery in the Ozarks, not beside a tram line in urban Berlin.


Having had luck there before, we drove on over to a flea market/swap meet/buy-my -random-crap-sale in Wedding.  Unlike the snooty trödelmarkt, haggling here is the norm.  And while you may pass tables selling nothing but old remote controls, you’ll more than likely find something useful…or maybe just a velcro ball and catch game because you’re an adult and that’s how you spend your money.

busy budget market

And yet, we had one more market to hit.  The flöhmarkt at Mauerpark.  Uncomfortably crowded with locals, hipsters, tourists and babies, it’s still a treat for the eyes.  The bar area, Schönwetter, provides a perfect respite from the hustle.  We grabbed radlers, an apple strudel, and comfy seats to enjoy the late Sunday afternoon.

Photo from The Field Office

3 thoughts on “low key

  1. Erin, it is so lovely to see you in summer clothing in Berlin, the shorts suit you
    and the flowers are nice and your smile beautiful !
    Babanbe’s place looks interesting and since I enjoy Vietnamese food I wish I was
    there with you and Paul !

  2. GOTS to have more info on “You Kill It, We Grill It” because that is simply too awesome! Can you bring in your trapped/killed neighborhood rodent and have them prepare it en flambe’? Glad PC was present to scout yet undiscovered VB talent 🙂

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