Things I Found

I had to share this.

It was just so bizarre.

Imagine me standing on the underground platform waiting patiently for my U bahn.  It’s the Ku’damm station, so there are some well dressed patrons, along with map toting tourists.  Relatively busy.  It looks something like this…

Then, a mother, her stroller…and her fully naked 2 1/2 year-old saunter toward the platform.  Fully naked.  Having been in Germany for a little bit, I’m no stranger to naked children.  I get it. They’re kids, it’s no big deal.  Even at the beach, when I fear for their sun protection, I understand that many German parents believe swimsuits to be an unnecessary expense.  whatever.

In a dirty underground station? uhhhhhhhhh

The mom eventually found a bench, and proceeded to put a diaper on the child.  Then the train arrived.  That child went on the train in nothing but a diaper.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Of course, nobody said a word, although there were plenty of disturbed looks.

I didn’t take a picture.  I haven’t reached that level of creep.

Another day in Berlin, another discovery.

Here’s another thing I found

What I Know About Germans

100 observations written by some expats.  It’s pretty spot on.

favorites include:

26) They don’t appreciate the use of the rude finger when driving. If you give it to a fellow driver, that driver reserves the right to report you and your licence plate and you will get a fine. (This is why my driving career in Germany may never get off the ground).

57) It saddens me to report there seems to be a higher instance of socks and sandals paired together in Germany, than in other countries.

62) Germans love Dachshunds and seem to own several of them at once. Interestingly enough, they are not called Dachshunds in Germany, despite it being a German name, and are instead called ‘Dackels’. I suspect this adoration of Dachshunds stems from their physical similarity to wurst (when I say suspect, I mean ‘I am certain’) because, and I cannot bullet point this enough …

63) Germans worship wurst.

For good measure…here’s another thing I found.  

It must be noted, that it may not be very funny to you if you don’t know much about Berlin.

Happy Humpday

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