Like most of you, I’m obsessed with the Olympics.

Like most of you, the end of the games left me with a void in my life.  All of that excitement, competitive energy, and focus I maintained for sitting on the couch and staring at the TV for two straight weeks, had no outlet (although it’s kind of shocking when you reflect upon the fact that you did nothing but watch TV for two weeks).

Thankfully, the Paralympics and a nice outing to the ISTAF event in Berlin have been filling that void for me.

Sunday, Das Internationale Stadionfest Berlin, or ISTAF, took over Olympic Stadium.

While the track and field event couldn’t attract much of the top tier talent, there were still plenty of recognizable names, including:  Aries Merritt, Felix Sanchez, Kellie Wells, Robert Harting, and Wallace Spearmon.  Plus, it featured a few events which I’d not seen live, like the mixed 4X100m relay.  Unfortunately, the USA kinda blew it on that one.

The crowd was jovial if a bit subdued.  However, the German crowd erupted each time their London darlings Betty Heidler and Robert Harting competed.  It’s an odd track meet when the biggest applause is saved for hammer throw and discus.

I’m sure you’ll remember Robert Harting from the Olympics…

Each time Robert stepped up to throw, the stadium pumped one particular song.  They were loving the Duck Sauce hit, Barbra Streisand, but inserting “Robert Harting” in Barbra’s place.  The crowd LOVED IT.

This is not a new phenomenon.  I’ve been hearing the Berlin volleyball establishment doing the very same thing with Felix Fischer for the last two years.  It just cracks me up how much the Germans freakin’ love that song.  If you’d like to do as the Germans do, head over to http://gobarbra.com/, and throw in your name.

Anyways, Harting stole the show, and once discus competition finished, the stadium emptied out.  That may be the first and last time discus is the headline event of…anything.

Here’s another obsession:

German television loves a close-up.

Like, an uncomfortably close one.

As I’m enjoying the medal ceremony for Birgit Kober, the Paralympics javelin gold medalist, I can’t help but feel a bit creepy.  I mean,  when are you ever that close to another human’s face?

In other news, I started my Saturday teaching job, and PC continues to rehab.  Most of the Berlin teammates have returned, so training’s getting serious, we’re regaining a more normal social life, and enjoying the comfort of routine.

Sometimes I feel guilty about this cushy Berlin gig.  PC and I have it so easy here.  If you haven’t already, please click on over to Jaimie-Rose’s blog.  She and hubby Jonathan  have just moved into their lovely apartment for the next 8 months in Romania.  However….Horse. Drawn. Carts. that’s all I’ll say 🙂

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