So, I ran a 10k.

I feel slightly embarrassed even talking about it because a 10k is so blah.  My friends run half marathons and full marathons, so I am fully aware that I’ve done nothing special.

However, it’s the first quasi competitive athletic event I’ve done since I stopped playing soccer.  After my 4 ACL surgeries and assorted other ligament injuries, it’s been challenging to increase distance on my runs.  So, I am kinda sorta self-consciously proud of getting up to 10k.

The race took place on the East side of Berlin at the Tierpark.  The Tierpark falls somewhere between a zoo and a wild animal park.  With beautiful weather and lush greenery, it made a lovely setting for our Sunday.  Angel had originally hoped to run with me, but due to the menfolk leaving for an out-of-town tournament, she was on Logan duty.

Logan, Angel and a partially hidden lion

 Graciously, Angel and Logan accompanied me to the Tierpark to cheer me on.  I was so thankful they had agreed to come, as I had been envisioning crossing the finish line, seeing nobody there, and schlumpfing pathetically home.  Since my run wasn’t until 2:30,  we spent a few hours enjoying the animals.  Logan loved running around, and making the animal sounds, “Moo”, being his favorite sound, despite the absence of cows.

Eventually, it was time to run.

Logan being adorable

Characteristically,  when race time arrived, I got super nervous.  Thankfully, Angel was there to capture my pre-race anxiety.

It went decently, and I didn’t want to die at the end.  Although, admittedly, by the end the smell of animals is about the last thing you want reaching your nostrils.  Now, Angel and I are hoping to run together in the next 10k race in about a month.

post-race blotchy face

I took my tired legs home, and enjoyed a little girly time.  Earlier in the week, a very thoughtful BFF sent me a girl’s night in a box.  After many months here in Berlin, with only PC and other various male teammates to pass the time I’ve…really really really missed girl time.  really.  Sometimes all a girl wants is to paint her toenails, read Cosmo, then deliver impassioned tirades upon the ridiculous content of said Cosmo.

I especially like the “dammit doll” for slamming against walls and other surfaces in frustration

In other news, teaching Saturday English class is going well.  Nothing like planning a lesson on imperatives only to find that you have five new students in your class who don’t know the words “easy” “sentence” or “stop cheating”. In all fairness, the kids have all been nice.


3 thoughts on “10k

  1. So a domesticated “Moo” is Logan’s phrase du jour – priceless! Laughed out loud at “stop cheating”, particularly in conjuntion with a lesson on imperatives. Way proud of your completion of the 10k, and so glad you had some friendly and adorable faces to greet you at the end 🙂

  2. So so proud of you and your knee! Your commitment to fitness after we allowed your knee to explode 4 times. Wow! Amazing ! I think I will pass onto you dad’s track/running nickname! We will call you “Amazing Bay”

    1. Congratulations Erin for finishing your 10 K run and I loved the pics to show how
      good you look even at the end of the run ! The funky color shoes must have helped
      Strange to see Logan with short hair and lovely that he and Angel cheered you on !
      So proud of you Erin !

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