PC’s team took a trip to Poland this weekend.

With a wide open weekend, I decided to fill my hours with some quality movie time.  Aside from movies viewed from my couch, and one in the fancy Sony Center cinema, I also schlepped out to Kreuzberg for a special film.  The Australian film festival Down Under Berlin, showed a variety of projects from New Zealand and Australia, but I chose a documentary done by a couple of Germans.

 Australien in 100 Tagen impressed with gorgeous shots of the country as the German filmmakers documented their trek around Australia.  However, I must say that the reaction of the German audience was the most entertaining portion.  Mildly amusing situations and comments elicited uproarious laughter.  For example: A scene shows a school group visiting government buildings in Canberra.  Male adolescent students act a fool making silly faces for the camera, while the teacher is interviewed.  Mildly amusing, no?  That scene had people dying. Like, ROFL’ing. ok.

The film was cool, and I was pleased that I understood most of it, though to be fair, the majority of the film was just beautiful cinematography.

The best part was simply finding the movie theater.  Moviemento is the oldest cinema in Berlin.  Screening a variety of foreign and German films since 1907, the theatre remains a small building with just three small auditoriums.  Plus, there’s a number of delicious looking Turkish eateries populate the surrounding area.

A romantic comedy here, a period drama there, and all of a sudden it was Sunday.  Sunday with beautiful sunny weather.  Angel suggested a short boat tour in the city.

Grabbing a quick bite/drink

 We chose a 1 hour tour; a perfect length for Logan.

Angel, Logan and Logan’s apple before its flight into the canal

We had refreshments.  Logan fed some ducks an apple.  Angel documented everything (I’m totally using your photos, thanks). We loved it.

After the cruise, we strolled around museum island.

The dome

We found an interesting installation along the river.


On the 28th of October, Berlin will celebrate its 775th birthday.  In preparation, the city is collecting 775 stories of diversity from people in Berlin.  This installation featured a map of the city on the ground, with markers showing points of interest.  Anything from the canal where Nazis threw Rosa Luxemburg’s body, to the field where Berlin’s cricket clubs gather, earned a spot on the map.

Our exploration energies spent, we trained it home.

I thought the weekend had ended on a lovely note, but the best was yet to come. My brother-in-law posted this gem for PC and I on the interwebs.

German Snoop Dogg

In case it’s not obvious, that is actually a Deutschland do-rag…on Bucket.

Weekend. Made.


One thought on “filming

  1. Rosa Luxemburg? Help me 🙂 Those cosmopolitan shots of you at sidewalk cafes
    are the best – living life in one of the world’s great cities! Dig the movie house and more opportunities ahead. And that renowned excellent German sense of humor – the “Killer Joke” – der slaughtermayer (thank you Monty Python)

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