On Monday, PC and I spent the day with some commies in Treptower Park.

I think PC was a bit skeptical when I first suggested the outing.  It’s difficult to sell someone on the idea of driving across the city to go see some park with a Soviet war memorial.  However, to his credit, PC agreed; we were far from disappointed.  The Soviet memorial is one of three in the city.  This one was particularly immense and moving.

Completed in 1949 in monumental Soviet stye, it is also a cemetery.   Between 70,000 and 80,000 Soviet soldiers died in the Battle for Berlin, and 5,000 of them rest here.

happy he agreed to this

At one end is a 12 meter high monument.  It depicts a Soviet soldier standing upon a broken swastika, holding a sword and a rescued German Child. Sixteen stone sarcophagi carved with military imagery, and Stalin quotations, flank the space.

Up the Vuchetich monument

The rest of the memorial features a statue of a weeping mother- you know, the Motherland.  And you’ll have seen in an earlier picture, one of two red granite monuments; two stylized Soviet flags.

This place served as a rallying point for protest and celebration throughout the years of the DDR.  We found it, even on a day of sunshine,  relatively desolate and tourist free.

Looking back at the flag monuments

From the Memorial, we walked over to the bank of the spree, and strolled amongst the sunbathers until we found a Biergarten.

He’s super cool

We took the bridge over to the Insel der Jugend.

On the Insel, you can rent pedal boats and the like.  We opted to dangle our legs over the water, and enjoy the sun.

Treptower Park proved, yet again, that the coolest things we’ve seen in Berlin have been free or close to it.

Besides exciting outings, I’ve also received a couple of exciting packages in the mail…

My Ballot!!!

I totally ran around the house like a ninny to celebrate my ballot’s arrival.

Then I got a lovely card from my grandma, and a rad present from my parents.

Matt Kemp, Dodger and LA love.

4 thoughts on “Commies

  1. Absolutely great post. Love the photos and the backstory. Such a powerful and historically meaningful place, and quite moving. Love the free part,of course! Tell me you don’t see the modernistic and chess piece of a horse’s head instead in that red granite Soviet flag?! PC looking suave with the crossed legs, sweater sleeves around the neck, and the pilsner of hef 🙂 Wear that Blue with pride!

    1. Very interesting,and amazing to see the impressive monuments in Treptower Park.
      It is important that we know what happened during the second world war,my parents
      were about your age when it happened Erin !

      Also nice to see you and Paul in the Pics !
      I wish Berlin was closer to Ourimbah!

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