party time

Young Logan Touzinsky turned 2 on Monday.  So Scott and Angel hosted a little birthday bash.  Bash being the operative word, as the four boys present proceeded to bash, wrestle, jump and throw to their hearts’ content.

PC, Konstantin and Logan

PC spent a great deal of the night in Logan’s bedroom playing Lions and Tigers with the littluns.  He emerged an hour later looking sweaty and tired. Those boys went hard.

Angel made good ol’ Funfetti cake to ring Logan’s second year.

Candle Blow-Out Success

Logan got some awesome new Lego toys and trains.  He was so in love with his birthday haul, he could hardly be asked to step away for even one moment. Even for one beautiful, family photo.


Besides that lovely party, here’s some other stuff I’ve been up to…

Recently, the weekends have seen me left to my own devices.  On Sunday, I scheduled in some sightseeing history time before my lunch date with Guinness, ManU and Liverpool.

For my history time, I decided to walk along Bernauer Strasse to examine the Berlin Wall Memorial.  Once again, an awesome and FREE attraction in Berlin.

The memorial consists of remnants of the wall, first hand accounts, stories of escape, and lots of cool stuff.  On August 13, 1961, after midnight, the inhabitants of Bernauer Strasse saw the wall erected, their country divided.  Suddenly, they were cut off from neighbors just across the street.  Many jumped from their windows, for a bid at freedom.  Many died trying.  Tunnels were dug from West to East under Bernauer Straße,  trying to help others escape.

Church of Reconciliation

The then ironically, now aptly named Church of Reconciliation sat astride the border.  It was destroyed to make way for the wall.  It has been rebuilt as a simple earthen building.  Lacking the grandeur of cathedrals, this church, with its humble materials, and stark interior seems like the sort of building Jesus would have dug.

From 1961 until the fall, the wall was continuously built, fixed, adapted, improved and changed.  With each escape attempt, an update was needed.  Anti-vehicle impediments, higher walls, a death strip, trained dogs in the death strip, trip wires, guard towers- each debuted as an “improvement”, but all were eventually swept away.

from the observation point

There is nice observation tower, you can climb, to get a look at how the wall might have looked near the end.  Unfortunately, you can’t see in my photo, but from this perspective, you can see the tops of many of Berlin’s iconic buildings like the TV tower, the dome, the new synagogue, etc. It’s oddly beautiful.

If you’re interested, here’s a short video on the wall

Eventually PC returned to the city.  He and I went to a show.

Van She

We went to see Australian band Van She at the Berghain Kantine.  The Kantine is an appendage to the legendary, hedonistic crazy pants Berghain club.  The building is unmarked, and unfriendly lookin’ in the middle of an industrial park.

berghain-totally not sketchy lookin’

Anyways, The show was cool.   However, it seemed that the drummer was new and/or not on the same page.  Also, it was the band’s first show in their European tour.  Having just arrived and suffering from jetlag, they had failed to prepare an encore, so they simply re-played the first song of the set.  Still, it was a good time.


2 thoughts on “party time

  1. Love the term “deathstrip” – yikes, freakin’ Commies! Maybe if everyone wants OUT you don’t have such a cool thing going! Digging the club that resembles an abandoned warehouse and chain link fencing in disrepair. Liverpool can’t buy a victory, but watching the EPL with a Guinness – sweet! Looks like a Family Circus cartoon at the Touzinsky’s 🙂

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