Apple Picking

What could be better than apple picking with two adorable boys in the early Autumn?  Angel, Logan, Kathleen and Henry and I visited Neumann’s Erntegarten on Sunday for just such wholesome fun. I defy you to not feel your heart warmed by little boys picking apples and berries.  Defy.

I hadn’t been apple picking since my younger days as a brownie girl scout.  Back home, you’ll have to drive quite a bit to find a nice apple orchard.  Imagine my glee when I saw this, and realized that apple picking awaited but a few minutes down the road.

Logan & Angel; Henry & Kathleen

Vibrantly colored, crisply textured with a welcome tartness, the apples blew the grocery store varieties out of the water.

 The boys even found mini apples perfect for small hands and mouths.

Henry scoping out the best apples with help from his mom

Lucking out with a sunny, cool day, we traipsed up and down the rows of trees, picking here and there, placing some in our buckets, and immediately biting into others.

Logan eagerly picking away

Apples hung on high and low limbs, so it was perfect for the kids and adults.  Logan particularly delighted in hunting down the best low-hanging apples, and slam dunking them into the bucket.  He also took full advantage of the open fields for running and playing.

Logan having a jog

This orchard grows fruit year round.  While we missed out on cherries and strawberries over the sumer, we stumbled upon the sweetest late season raspberries.

beginning our raspberry harvest

The flavor of these raspberries was unbelievably sweet.  It was definitely a case of 3 in the mouth, 1 in the bag.

Henry observing the berries
Logan helping me collect

We found a few wild poppies, and dandelions.

Henry with his mini apple in hand, flower behind his ear, and a dandelion at the ready

Watching the two boys blow the seeds off of the dandelion globe was ridiculously adorable.

working on a dandelion together

Near the end, Logan had an unfortunate meeting with the stinging nettle plant, but all was cleared up soon enough.  We brought our haul back for purchase, were astonished by the low prices, and vowed to return again soon.

3 thoughts on “Apple Picking

  1. Like ‘a breath of fresh air’ to see these gorgeous pictures from your ‘apple picking outing’!
    Amazing that you found the (secret ?) garten so close to home !
    Logan acts like a healthy 2 yr old running in the field !

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