It’s been a pretty sporty week here.

A few days ago, we finally made it to the O2 arena to see the Eisbären tear up the ice.


The Eisbären were Deutscher Meister (like BR volleys) last year. We saw them take on Köln, the team currently atop the table.  Right now, the German league is benefiting from an influx of adrift NHL players affected by the lockout.  However, I must say it was the fans that really brought the excitement.  Don’t get me wrong, volleyball fans are great here, however, the Eisbären supporters kinda rule.

newly anointed Eisbären fans

Many of the fans are from the older days when the hockey team played in the heart of East Berlin.  My physio speaks warmly of his younger days, just after the wall fell, when the future for many easterners was uncertain or worse.  At the hockey matches, there was a sense of community and shared passion.  Although the team has changed venues, and names, the fans still yell and sing the same chants and cheers from the humbler years.  Almost no music was needed to get the crowd clapping, as they were happily makin’ noise throughout the 6-5 nail biter.  Berlin came up short against Köln, but they certainly won us over; PC even bought a scarf!

Last night, BR volleys opened up their 2012 season against Friedrichshafen.

most of the girls

After some pyrotechnics, and a presentation of the Deutscher Meister trophy, the boys came out on fire.  This year, the DJ changed up the music a bit, and added some new gimmicks.  Some worked, some…well…let’s just say that their take on Psy’s Gangnam hit did not do credit to the “BR Volleys Style”.  Plus, they persist in using “if you’re happy and you know it”  directly after lost points.  I will never stop hating on this.

After four sets, Berlin rang in the new season with a convincing victory.  PC came in for a cramping teammate near the end, and got some sharp looking kills on his surgically improved shoulder.   The team’s lookin’ good.

PC, Petra and the newest Kmet, Sophia!

But wait, there’s more sports-

Today, PC and I were surfing the sports channels and found a replay of some of Germany’s American football league…

Oh yes, the fighting Unicorns.  Unicorns on the helmets and everything.  In fact, these guys won the whole league last season.  Aaaaand here’s the mascot…The Mighty, Mighty Unicorns.

One thought on “sporting

  1. Unicorns. Really?! That’s not even a real creature! They should have chosen something formidable and authentic – like a Griffin 🙂

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