Cute German

I’ve been learning lots of cute German words lately, but fiiiiirst here’s an update on the PC….

PC’s team got another big win yesterday in Munich.  If you’d like to see a little recap, feel free to go here.

Olympiahalle München

As I was perusing the BR Volleys website, I chanced across a unique campaign.  For every ace, Berlin Recycling donates €50 to the SCC juniors.  Here’s how they’re keeping track of all the aces…

I’m immature.  It’s established.  But seriously, Ass Counter?  Ok, Ok, If you want to keep an accurate Ass count this season, make sure you stop on by the site from time to time.

Ok, now the cute words…

Nasch Katze

Literally, “Treat Cat”, if you have a sweet tooth then you’re a Naschkatze! Try to tell me that’s not cute.  Try.


Literally, “Glow Pear” it means lightbulb!


Literally, “little ocean pig” it means guinea pig!


Literally, “wind pants” it means tornado!


Literally, “bacon coat” (which I think everyone can agree would be the best coat ever) it means bacon wrapped! delicious.

Oh and here’s this other thing that happened in Berlin. The Festival of Lights.


3 thoughts on “Cute German

  1. LOVE the word play – always a favorite of mine, and these are awesome!
    And the Festival of Lights – spectacular! Me so jealous of you – want to go to there.

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