A Visit from Hillary

My cousin Hillary popped over from London.

She’s currently finishing up a semester abroad with her university, and she had just enough time to visit us here in Berlin.

After arriving, we had some lunch, visited the Reichstag Dome, took a sobering look at the Denkmal, and then headed over to watch PC’s champion’s league match.  BR Volleys made quick work of their Czech competition and secured a W.

The next day, we visited the stretch of wall and exhibition at Bernauer Straße.  The sight excels in authenticity, and the information along the way is peppered with firsthand accounts.

Hillary and the wall

As seeing the Wall goes in Berlin, I think Bernauer Straße has fast become my favorite spot.  Checkpoint Charlie is a tourist trap, and I’d avoid it unless you have some personal connection to it.  East Side Gallery is interesting and beautiful, but doesn’t really give you the authentic, historical background.

Hillary, a death strip, and fall colours.

We strolled through Mitte’s beautiful shops, and hung out with the skater kids around Alexanderplatz. Saturday, we visited the Topography of Terror, walked through Gendarmenmarkt, and Museum Island before heading to PC’s second match of the weekend.  Once again, victory was ours!

Hills, Me and Schloss Charlottenburg

On Sunday, we strolled through Schloss Charlottenburg, and enjoyed a true Autumn day.

Hillary and PC

We sent Hillary back to London, and almost immediately I began thinking about all the other places I could have taken her.  Does anyone else do this?  I could drive myself nuts. You can’t truly get a sense of Berlin in one visit.  Each part of the city is distinct; it’s not unlike Los Angeles.  If all you did was visit Hollywood and Disneyland whilst in LA, you really wouldn’t have a sense of the place.  In this way, I think it’s reasonably analogous to Berlin.  Nevertheless, I think we gave Hillary a fair introduction to the Haupstadt.

Me and the PC

Sunday also happened to be the 775th birthday of Berlin (although the city’s origin story is still disputed).  A celebration promising fire was planned in the oldest part of Berlin, so we met up with Sebastian and his lovely girlfriend Patti to check it out.


Although I wasn’t clear on the artistic symbolism of all of it, I was certainly enchanted by the sight.  Here’s some pictures of it that are quite obviously not mine.

Fire high, low,in pots on the ground, on stairs, knocked over-everywhere.  No chance would this be possible in America.  All it’d take is one kid singing a finger, and you’d surely have an epic lawsuit.

A beautiful end to the weekend.

Thanks for visiting Hillary!


One thought on “A Visit from Hillary

  1. So fabulous that Hillary came, and that you and PC showed her one of the great and historic cities of the world! Amazing sky behind you and PC! And the Festival of Fire? So jealous! You know how I love ANYTHING set on fire!

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