Nothing Much

It’s been a slow week here.  PC’s away most of the time, and I really don’t think you guys need to hear about the embarrassing things I do when I’m home alone.  It involves an alarming number of moments when you do something colossally clumsy, but you’re all alone, and you have no idea how to appropriately react.  Do you laugh? Do you act like it didn’t happen?  Do you curse aloud? Do you curse silently?  I never know.  Recently, I’ve gone with surprised laughter followed by an admonishing, “c’mon Erin”.


Here’s three moderately interesting things that have happened

I’ve been hanging out with little kid types a lot.  The men on this team have some real cute kids.  Plus, at the end of home matches, the littleuns join their papa’s on the court for hand shakes, playtime, and their unofficial job of melting the heart of every damn person in the hall.  Look at them.

From Left: Scott and Logan, Robert and Henry,Aleksandar and Konstantin, Tommy and Tommy

The other night, whilst babysitting, I decided to flip through some German TV.  I unwittingly stopped on one show that truly confused me for the first few minutes.

I tuned into the middle of this.

That’s a dentist guessing the make and model of a tooth drill by sense of hearing alone.  Tom Hanks was there too.  I can’t tell you how unpleasant it is to listen to fifteen minutes of tooth drills.  You can imagine why i was confused.

Upon further viewing (and some conversations with people here) I found out that I had happened upon Wetten Dass, one of the most popular German shows for decades.  Wetten Dass means “wanna bet that?”, so the show revolves around regular shmoes performing odd and difficult feats.  Big time celebs appear on the show, and bet on whether the shmoes can successfully complete their feats.  This time around, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Robbie Williams, and other German celebrities showed up for the fun.  I totally get it now, but those first few minutes were….strange.

Lastly, PC and I saw Bon Iver on Monday.  Amazing.

The venue, Arena Berlin, originally functioned as a bus depot when it was built in 1927.  Back in the day, it could house up to 240 buses, so I hope that helps illustrate the size of the space.  Justin Vernon filled the vast arena with his gorgeous folk falsetto tunes.  However, the highlight, for me, was when he cleared the stage, brought out his opening act, The Staves, and proceeded to deliver an absolutely chill-inducing version of re:stacks.  I’ve included someone’s video of the number, so, if you’re a fan, give it a listen.  the harmonies.  oh my.


P.P.S.  One of my best and dearest friends had twin baby girls today after the pregnancy from hell (think blood, surgery, migraines, multiple near lethal doses of magnesium, preeclampsia…the gamut).  But she and her precious girls are healthy and safe and I’m over the moon for ’em 🙂  Congrats Hoyts!!!


4 thoughts on “Nothing Much

    1. The team is getting bigger…..I wonder when the girls start joining in !
      I like the expressions on the faces from the volleyball players, trying to get the
      attention from the children.

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