We’re Engaged

PC proposed on November 14, 2012.

It is difficult for me to write about what we feel right now without annoying everyone out there with multiple emoticons, and a thesaurus entry of happiness words.   I’ll try though…

PC had waited several months for the right day to come along.  Wednesday, was a free day.  Although chilly, the skies were clear and sunny.  He suggested we grab sushi and then walk around Treptower Park.  We had previously visited this park a couple of months ago

Once at the park, we walked across the bridge to the small island on the river.  Everything is already closed down for the winter, so we were almost entirely alone on the Insel.  We walked to the edge of the island to look out over the river, and there, PC asked me that wonderful question.

Our Island

He totally surprised me.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the few hours after the proposal.  The few hours when we had the news to ourselves.  Walking around the island, driving home, buying champagne, and drinking it at home on our couch just enjoying the moment.  Those few hours were beautiful and thrilling yet calm and intimate.

Sharing the news with our loved ones has been wonderful too.  The lovely, and sometimes hilarious words of congratulations and well wishes have truly touched us, and we have just been shaking our heads at how lucky we are.

We are so happy and excited I can hardly stand it.

I hope none of you threw up reading that, although i’m not sure I care.

p.s. the very next day the temperature dropped, and the sun appears to have gone on holiday far far away from Berlin.  PC picked the perfect day. What a guy. Gosh I love him


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