I’ve been woefully neglectful of the blog.  I’ve just been busy fighting off frostbite.  Here’s what’s been going on…

Skyping with these four beauties.  Can’t wait until July when I get to hang out with little Avery and Emma-Rae in person.


I mean…

they are ridiculous. cuties.

PC’s team took Zenit Kazan to 5 sets.  Losing is the worst.  However, the guys played what, may arguably be, the best team in the world to a dramatic tiebreak in front of nearly 7,000 breathless fans; that is kind of as good as it gets in European volleyball.

PC and the guys were understandably bummed, but I was still excited and proud.

playing an adoring fan…ok not really playing

We had a chilly, but surprisingly fun engagement shoot the day after the match.  I still need to train my face to relax on the awkward factor when cameras are in my vicinity, but PC was a pro.  I’m dying to see the pictures, and I’ll gab more about the experience when I get them.  For now, I’ll just say our talented photographer was very patient with me.

After the shoot, we stopped into Babanbe for some seriously hittin the spot Banh mi sandwiches.

hungry man

BR volleys took off for Russia to play the second match against Kazan.  PC left me a little gift to keep me company while he’s gone…

exploded beer in the freezer #124?..oh who knows it’s more comical than anything.

Megan and I took advantage of some of the sales here, and came up with some great deals. This one takes the cake though… a Cambridge satchel marked down over 80% ummm yes.


Megan and I were supposed to be in Paris Monday through Thursday, but due to weather, flight cancellation and escalated flight price, we’ve stayed behind in Berlin.  Here’s Hoping that the other gals who made it have a wonderful baguette, croissant and cheese-filled time!


One thought on “wintertime

  1. The lost beer made me cry, but the cute babies made me smile. What a volleyball match – goosebumps and the agony of defeat. Well played Berlin! Helluva outfit Erin😉

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