She came to visit!

Jessica almost Mckee came to Europe for a well-earned holiday after dominating nursing school, and before beginning her dream job in the NICU at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  I had always hoped, albeit without expectation, that my friend would make it over here to Europe.  I feel so so lucky and grateful that she was able to come!

We began with the usual sights.


We braved the slushy snowfall that turned our hair into the wet dog variety.


Then, we saw super cheap flights to Venice, and I mean,  why not?  It’s the slow season for Venice in the wintertime just before Carnivale, so we had to take advantage.

San Marco…and how cute is that red coat?!


IMG_1512 IMG_1515 IMG_1518 IMG_1520 IMG_1521 IMG_1522 IMG_1525

The best choice we made was taking the Secret Itineraries tour at the Doge’s Palace.  We were led into secret bureaucratic offices, dark inquisitorial chambers and the prison cell of Cassanova.

the oldest Jewish ghetto

IMG_1531 IMG_1532

We enjoyed our fair share of Italian espressos, delicious little pastries and fritellas, and refreshing spritzes.  The only misfortune was Jess catching my annoying cold, however she was a champ as we walked down nearly every Venetian street.


We returned to a gray Berlin, on a mission to find wing sauce.  Kawika and Megan were graciously hosting a Superbowl party, and knowing Jess’s prowess in the chicken wing department, I was dead set on making some.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, we found the closest substitute for Frank’s, and Jess coddled and manipulated and worked some sort of witchcraft over it to make some damn delicious wings.  Thanks to that little Superdome power outage, our group was up until 5 am watching the game.  But it was totally worth it.


We still had some sightseeing to do.  A trip to Hohenschönhausen, and a trek to the Jewish Museum.  These next pics belong to the museum, and are quite obviously not mine.  I just want you to get a sense of the architecture.


The design of the museum is incredibly effective.  Zig-Zagging halls allow for disconcerting “voids” of space.  The Holocaust Tower and Garden of Exile convey every feeling of isolation and fear as was intended. The whole place is MASSIVE.  You could spend many many hours learning about Jewish history in the region from Roman to current times.  Quick tip: don’t get the audio guide.  There is more than enough information posted and accessible, and the guide could use a bit of editing.


For Jess’s last day, we took a quick look at the East Side Gallery, and then strolled through the adorable-kid-and-puppy-filled streets of Prenzlauer Berg and Kollwitzplatz.


I cannot wait until July when PC and I get to celebrate Her and Matt gettin’ hitched in California!

Jess, Berlin misses you already!


3 thoughts on “Jessicaaaaaa

  1. Hi Erin & Jess
    Seeing your beautiful smiles, you look like sisters !
    Jessica I love your orange coat it enhances every picture !
    Great to see that you saw two special cities and numerous sights …
    you probably had a good guide !

  2. What a phenomenal visit for Jess! You know how to show a girl a good time! The photos in Venice are just awesome, especially the canal shots and that staircase ceiling. The Jewish Museum blew me away and I’m not even there. Love that you found Louisiana hot sauce for Superdome hot wings! Way to keep Americana and domestic sports insanity alive in Berlin 😜

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