Engagement Photos

This is oversharing.  I know I already posted these on facebook, but so what? I’m excited, we’re engaged and PC looks so handsome in them.  Cut a girl some slack.

The photos were taken by the very talented and lovely Ashley Ludaescher.  She accompanied us in freezing weather from Insel der Jugend where PC proposed, to the streets of Mitte as we dodged cars and raced the setting sun.

She was incredibly patient with me as I flashed her ‘awkward-tense face’ anytime I had to look full on into the camera.  She then had to deal with an embarrassing episode in which I thought I was going to faint/vomit due to cold, and PC basically dragged my sorry behind into the nearby Burger King to de-thaw.  Pathetic.  Despite all this, she invited us into her apartment to change, drink a coffee and meet her unfairly-adorable dog Hazel (puppy fever skyrocketed).  In short, we were so thankful to find such a wonderful, talented and understanding photographer (a california girl too!).

Erin-Paul-001 Erin-Paul-004 Erin-Paul-006 Erin-Paul-007 Erin-Paul-008 Erin-Paul-011 Erin-Paul-012 Erin-Paul-013 Erin-Paul-014 Erin-Paul-016 Erin-Paul-019 Erin-Paul-020 Erin-Paul-026 Erin-Paul-027 Erin-Paul-036 Erin-Paul-037 Erin-Paul-038 Erin-Paul-042 Erin-Paul-044 Erin-Paul-045 Erin-Paul-047 Erin-Paul-048 Erin-Paul-049 Erin-Paul-050 Erin-Paul-051

2 thoughts on “Engagement Photos

    1. Your engagement photos in the snow are unique, they are so beautiful !
      It will remind you also of the freezing weather you braved to have them made.

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