Back at it

Hey there! What has it been, almost a year?

Last year, when I left to get my Masters in Sydney, I decided to let the blog lie fallow.  I figured that all of my writing mojo should be directed toward scholarly pursuits.  And that was great.

Meanwhile, I’ve been eagerly following Beth’s blog about her and Kevin’s experience as Peace Corps volunteers in the Philippines.  I love how she describes the little details of life, and she’s providing a wonderful record of their time.

Recently, I’ve come to miss the ol’ blog.  After the structured, scholarly writing of Uni, I miss the freedom of blogging.  No referencing, no obsession with grammar, no central thesis. fantastic.

I’ve also missed the simple documentation of life in all its mundane and surprising details.  I want a record of this time.  My memory is crap.

So, I’m gonna try and get back at it.  Originally, I made the blog to update family and friends, but increasingly I want this blog for future Erin.  Oh and future Paul.  Oh and maybe future kids…oh dear now we’re getting too far into the future.

I’m blogging again, and we’ll see how it goes.



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