Where has the week gone?

This week has been reasonably low-key.  We’ve been enjoying a mild winter, and the unseasonably warmer evenings came in handy when we went with the team to watch a Hertha match.


I can’t believe it has taken us this long to see a professional football match here, but finally, we snatched an opportunity.  The Hertha fans were enthusiastic, but they couldn’t quite cheer their team to victory.


Then a funny thing happened to me on the street this week.  Walking home from the gym, I chose to let my wet hair dry into a wild frizzy mane.  Suddenly, an oddly dressed man on a bicycle rode up next to me and flagged me down.  He proceeded to ask me if my curly hair was natural, and when I had last cut it.  I told him it had been a few months, which prompted him to exclaim that he would LOVE to trim the ends of my hair.  He then handed me his business card…


Yes, this man interrupted his bicycle ride to inquire about cutting off my obviously broken and frazzled ends.  Image

This Man.

I don’t know if I’m pleased or embarrassed.

Later in the week, PC and I stopped into the Smart dealership to pick up a new car, and we found his jersey tucked away in the back of the showroom!


We also had the pleasure of viewing the stupidest looking Smart car ever.


Wings, rims, double exhaust…oh yes.

PC and BR Volleys got a nice home match victory on Saturday.  Now they are focusing their energies on next Sunday’s Pokal Finale against rival Friedrichshafen. Over 1,000 of us Berlin fans will be jumping on buses headed for Halle-Westfallen to see our team take home the German Cup.

Today, we had the pleasure of a home-cooked Serbian meal.  Srecko Lisinac’s mother and sister were visiting, and invited us for some delicious Serbian pancakes.

IMG_0586We munched on the delicate crepes filled with apricot jam and eurocrem, while watching the Winter Olympics closing ceremonies.

This week has felt like the calm before the storm.  The coming week brings Pokal Finale, and the beginning of our own personal tourist season.


2 thoughts on “Where has the week gone?

  1. LOVE the pose on salon boy – sweet hand on thigh. A Brabus edition Smart Car? Gotta have them wings! PC – the face of Berlin Recycling Volleys – albeit tucked in the rear of the showroom. Welcome to the Big Time 🎉

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