Fun and Game

The last week was a lot of fun, with one heartbreaker of a game.

Our friend Florian flew up from Bavaria to spend some time with us.  In addition to walking him all over the city, we decided to hit up the trendy, but irresistible Street Food Thursday at Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg.


Attracting a wide variety of Berliners, the place is teeming with various expats and a healthy contingent of hipsters.  When you’re jostling through the crowd, it’s tempting to throttle the bespectacled folks fingering wine glasses, and standing between you and juicy barbecued meats.  However, the payoff is so tasty it’s worth a little tooth gnashing and patience.

So many expats here

In the large hall, dozens of stalls hawking various delectable regional and international dishes.  This particular week we chose a rib roll stuffed with barbecued meat, bacon and potato chips.  Then we grabbed some handmade dumplings, and an order of creamy, cheesy käsespätzle.

German mac ‘n’ cheese

Srecko and Tomek came a little later to grab some apple crumble and ice cream.

Handsome Menfolk

Afterward, we stopped in for a quick drink at a bar named for one of the greatest naturalists, and a California icon- John Muir.  It stocked a bar replete with obscure bitters, and a few IPA’s.  Florian, our proud Bavarian, didn’t love the IPA, but was a good sport for trying.  The bar’s vibe was more Berlin than California wilderness, but the cocktails were tasty.

I know the Bay Family will love this

Soon, Flo was on a plane back to München, and Kawika and Paul were on their way to Halle-Westfalen.  Megan and I picked up a young friend to do a little ice skating.


March 1st brought us sun and blue skies perfect for taking shaky laps on the ice. We had a grand ole time glide/stumbling around the track, fighting the urge to clothesline teenagers zooming past us.  IMG_0626

Before we knew it, it was 5:30 am on Sunday.  We met up with a few hundred sleepy Berliners to hop on buses headed for Halle and the Pokal Finale.

No bullhorns, no shouting, no chaos…these Germans organize well

Armed with signs, and spirit Berlin fans hit Gerry Weber Stadion like an orange tsunami.

Our sign for Scott

After five hard fought sets, Berlin fell just short of the German cup title. However, they lost as they have won-with class.  I couldn’t be more proud of the way that PC and his teammates fought and dealt with the result.


I really can’t wait for BR Volleys to smash everyone in the playoffs 😉


2 thoughts on “Fun and Game

  1. I’m ALL about Street Food Thursday! Yum! A John Muir bar in Berlin – just priceless. Love the talk of throttling and clotheslining 🙂 Love the photos and the slices of life – and loss 😦 And you brought Tool Time on the road! BTW love your opening engagement photo

  2. Nice pics, so cool and clear ! I love ice skating, it brings back memories of Trevor ice skating in the Netherlands,he made such strange moves on the ice that people asked me if he was a clown !
    Trevor got up in the night to watch the Pokal finale, I will see the whole match when it becomes available!

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