KBay part 1

The KBay came to Europe!


Today I offer up the first part of her trip.  The German part.

My sister,Kylie, is a recent college graduate, and deserved a little Euro holiday.  Since she only had 10 days, we packed her days to the brim.  She arrived on a monday afternoon, and I immediately whisked her off to Petra’s birthday celebration.  Dinner and Disco.  Poor thing.  Kylie, being a major trooper, didn’t complain once, even as sleep deprivation hallucinations set in.  Of course, we were all rubbing our eyes in befuddlement at the very poor dancing occurring all over da club.  There were two males engaged in a twerking exercise…i hope that illustrates the scene for you.


After a long first day, and jet lagged sleep, we showed no mercy.  We set off again to explore the city, and make her try falafel.

Selfie Action

On Wednesday, PC’s team had their last league match in Dresden.  If they won in 4 sets, they could lock up the first seed for playoffs.  Being that this was an important match…and that Dresden is a beautiful city, Kylie and I were simply obligated to travel to Dresden.


We started in the newer part of the city before crossing over the Elbe into the old city.

Ky and Dresden being beautiful

We spent a great afternoon walking around the beautiful buildings in the sun.


Of course, caffeine was necessary. During her time in Europe, we tried to bring Kylie over to the espresso side of life.  The side of life she had unfairly assumed was too bitter an dirty for her liking.  Nobody can deny the pleasures of a latte macchiato enjoyed in the late afternoon sun.

Espresso based dranks

PC’s team gave me a few grey hairs, but eventually won the match in 4 sets to secure the number one seed.  

So, the next few days, we had PC on hand for some exploration.  

Brandenburger Tor

Whilst in Berlin, we walked Kylie ALL OVER mitte and a fair chunk of kreuzberg and Treptow.  That included a little stop at the original Humboldt Unversität.  She told me that at her Humboldt State graduation, a professor dressed up as Alexander von Humboldt to herald the commencement.  Cool Graduation.

IMG_0729 PC doing a little Shoji impression

With beautiful weather, we strolled along the East Side Gallery.

PC as dragon 2014

And Kylie and I got in one of our only decent pics together the entire trip…and we still look a little derpy.

IMG_1009Tune in again soon for the continuing adventures of KBay in Europe…

5 thoughts on “KBay part 1

  1. Nice to see you 2 sisters in the sun,I like the picture of ‘Kylie in front of the ‘Kunsthofpassage’ in Dresden.She is spoiled to have a persomal guide like you Erin!

  2. Wow, amazing part 1. Nothing makes me happier as a parent than to see your kids experiencing all the great fun in life together. Thank You Erin and Paul for Germany and Spain. Can’t wait till Dad and I arrive!

  3. And I just randomly looked back at your “Real Big Trees” post from 2011 – great pix and sweet extended family fun! 👍

  4. That mid-March weather is amazing! And great sights and times so far – looking forward to the Barca saga as well. Know any good hat tales? 😉

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