KBay part Dos: Barcelona Adventure

Sorry for the gap, but here it is, the second installment of the KBay invasion.

With a limited time to spend in Europe, I wanted to maximize Kylie’s time here.  So, when I saw some cheap flights to Barcelona, I booked ’em straight away.  Then, Kylie made sure we had the ultimate Barca experience by picking up tickets to watch FC Barcelona against Osasuna.  So things were shaping up for a great little trip.

Then we hit a snag.  An embarrassingly “first world problem” snag.  We arrived with a 100 euro bill, and found that nobody would accept it in exchange for goods and services.  I attempted to use it to buy bus tickets, to buy lunch, etc. no good.  But more on that later.

We got some great advice to take the hop-on/hop-off bus around town to explore as much of the city as possible in a short period of time.


We also used the time to raise our selfie game.  Obvs.

Barcelona is always associated with art and, of course, Gaudi.  However, we were blown away at how artistically inspired the city truly is.  The variety of artists and their sculptures, facades and monuments dotting the city is incredible.

We hopped off the bus and gawked at Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia.  It’s astonishing to think that by the time construction finishes, there will be nine more spires, and another beautiful facade.



We hopped back on the bus to make our way to Park Guell.  We strolled around in the sunshine enjoying the architecture.

Kylie and the Salamander
Park Güell

IMG_1085 We hopped back on the bus to get to Camp Nou for the match!


In the end, it was a 7-0 beat down.  It was entertaining, but not gripping.  And not quite exciting enough to distract us from late afternoon hunger.

In the continuing saga of first world problems… we scraped together a couple euros for coffees and a muffin to split.  But come the second half, we didn’t haven enough coin to purchase even the smallest bag of popcorn.  It was lame and hysterical.

Oh, also Messi became Barca’s all-time leading goal scorer at that match. 🙂


After the match, we wandered over to the official store, and scooped up tons of cool merch, and TA-DA broke our Hundred! woooooooo we could eat again!

We also came across a strange piece of merchandise.


We later found out those crapping statues are Caganers.  Traditional Catalonian nativity figures.  No nativity scene in Catalonia is complete without a crapping character, and the tradition has seen the likes of presidents, popes and even Barca players immortalized in that squat.

The next day we jumped on the bus once again.


We treated the Christopher Columbus monument with all the respect it deserves…


We strolled up La Rambla, and stopped inside the famous Boqueria Market.

Fruit Galore


Then we made our way along La Barceloneta.


Then the Gothic quarter for posing and gelato.

There were more espresso-based beverages, and the best pastries evarrrr which we wolfed down without taking pics.


On our last night we made sure to grab some Spanish tapas.


Kylie pushed her food limits by trying some octopus…

IMG_1234Not too bad, eh Ky?  It’s certainly not her new fave, but she didn’t spit it out-yay!

We LOVED having my sister here, and were so glad she could make the trip!  Thanks for letting me walk your feet off, and talk your ears off 🙂







4 thoughts on “KBay part Dos: Barcelona Adventure

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures and stories, looks like such a great trip! You guys know how to see and eat and drink in all the culture. Yum.

  2. Tapas look delicious! So entertained by your “first world” conundrum – damn large denominations! Amazing sights and experiences – and “G” for genocide 😈🎉👍

  3. I walked across a street today and was really sad when I saw the plain American walk sign, oh how I miss the jaunty man

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