Go with the Flo

We had the pleasure of hosting this lovely human. The one and only Flo!

Former physio extraordinaire for the Australian National Team, and great friend to “Chrusty” (PC) and I.


Flo has been working as a physio the last few years in Russia, including this latest season with a professional ice hockey team in Siberia.

I could listen to her tell stories from Russia all day long.  That place is wild.

She has really enjoyed her latest stint with the hockey players, and not only because the guys are positively mystified by her skills.  Many of these elite athletes have never worked with a physio before, and have relied upon the shaky knowledge of Russian doctors.  As Flo helped these guys rehab properly, they dubbed her a “Magic Professional”, a title which practically begs for new business cards.

However, Flo has also had to deal with a team doctor as arrogant as he is dangerously incompetent.  Apparently this fool told a player recovering from a serious concussion that double vision meant that his condition was improving, and he could return to the ice ASAP.  By the way, standard procedure in Russian sports medicine involves bandaging up injured athletes with dressings lightly sprinkled with Vodka. Because, of course.

Speaking of vodka, it is quite normal to be greeted with an enormous shot of vodka at the bank. At 10am. Before completing a forex transaction, during which the bank teller agrees to whatever exchange rate you’ve shown them on your mobile phone.  Flo’s new Siberian habitat sounds relatively friendly and accommodating by Russian standards.  It is also flush with energy money, and is quick to spend on infrastructure projects.  This includes an enormous bridge comparable in size to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, connecting the town to…. nothing…well, maybe bears.


Ok, enough about Russia.

Apart from the usual Berlin sights, we made sure to take Flo for some decent coffee, and double currywurst action.  We also spent time strolling around admiring the amazing street art over on the East side of the city.

In addition to gracing us with her presence, Flo brought some wonderful, personalized presents.

NBD Jo Malone, Erin Bay scented, very exclusive

Flo took off to make her way back to New Zealand, but not before persuasively suggesting that I should visit Moscow sometime soon.

The next day, Megan ran the Berlin Half Marathon (with no training- she cray).  So, we went out to cheer her on to the finish line, and enjoy some spring sunshine.

We enjoyed some refreshments at Monbijou Park.

And then before we knew it, it was back to regularly scheduled programming. PC training for the semifinal playoff series against Bühl, and me, trying to cook more dinners at home to compensate for all the eating out we’ve been doing with guests.  The Berlin Recycling Volleys began their semifinal run today with a 3-0 bang.  Hopefully they can replicate this a couple more times.

Before I sign off, here are three other random things from recent life…

Found: the cutest gummi’s ever.  Gummi Bear couples that hold hands.  One sweet, One sour.  Dying.  IMG_0906

Sighted: This guy keeps popping up all over train stations on the west side of the city.  Still have yet to patronize his salon.


Unsurprised: The German version of the show “Four Weddings” seems to feature at least one dirndl per episode.  If anyone feels inclined to wear a dirndl to our wedding- I won’t be mad.


Please excuse the crappy photo, I was on the stationary bike at the gym…clearly riding hard.

2 thoughts on “Go with the Flo

  1. You simply MUST let Hamid style you! Flo seems fabulous – love the bridge to bears! Loving your full and varied life – can’t wait to live it less vicariously next week! And gotta have a little light shed on “Chrusty” 😆

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